Landscape photographs I have captured around Ireland, hence the name for the website - Eye for Ireland

A dramatic Irish mountain landscape with a wind turbine farm.


Nature is another favorite of mine to photograph, I love getting up close and personal with the landscape

Purple Hydrangeas starting to flower in Fota Gardens, Co.Cork.


Mostly photos of our three German Shepherds - Steve, Nala and Poppy as well as our cat - Kitty but also other animals I come across

The back of a German Shepherd looking out of the forest with his ears up.


Travel specifically relates to any photos I've taken outside Ireland

Golden fields with mountains in the distance somewhere in Germany.


More landscape photography, taken during my favourite time of day

German Shepherd watching a golden autumn sunset in the Boggeragh Mountains in County Cork.


New category for architectural works I've had the chance to see and photograph

St Finn Barre's Cathedral in Cork City.

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