Hi, I'm Kama and welcome to Eye for Ireland. Photographing nature is my passion. From capturing small details of plants I grew in my garden to exploring the mountainous landscape surrounding my home in the South-West of Ireland, I really enjoy spending time with nature and telling visual stories. Check out my to gallery to see my work.

Photographer holding a camera in both hands.

I have been a photographer for over a decade, delving into many genres in both digital and film formats. I've always loved photographing my surroundings and experimenting with various editing techniques.
Many years ago, I moved to the Boggeragh Mountains in Co.Cork, and ever since then, my fascination with the natural world has been increasing. I started growing plants and observing all the creatures that come and go from the garden. Nature is simply captivating.

This website has become a place where I document my photography. I started with landscape and nature photos as well as my trusty canine companions. In recent times I mostly share my travels, but you can also find some recipes too. This space will keep evolving as my interests develop.

I hope you enjoyed my photography. Feel free to reach out (eyeforireland at gmail dot com) if you have any questions, or to say hello. I look forward to hearing from you!

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