Landscapes and Skies of the Mediterranean Sea

Setting moon and sunrise clouds over the Mediterranean sea.

After sailing away from Gibraltar, we spent a day crossing the Alboran and Balearic seas before arriving in the port of Barcelona. This post is a brief interlude between visiting European cities to enjoy some Mediterranean sea landscapes. Although I also included photographs captured while sailing across the English Channel and the North Atlantic Ocean.

Setting sun reflecting of the port side of a cruise ship's bridge.
Bridge at sunset

Sailing from Southampton across the English Channel at golden hour.
English Channel at golden hour

A boat sailing across the Solent at golden hour.
Boat traveling across the Solent

Cruise ship sailing at golden hour

Big, dark, dramatic clouds and sunlight over the Mediterranean sea.
Big clouds

The weather varied between sunny and rainy for the duration of the cruise. It was autumn after all, even if it was in the Mediterranean. Thankfully the changing atmospheric conditions brought on some wonderful skies and dramatic clouds. I enjoyed walking around the ship and photographing the sea and land -scapes from different view points. 

Sunlight shining on the North Atlantic ocean.
North Atlantic Ocean

Sunset clouds over the Balearic Sea and coastal landscape.
Balearic Sea Sunset

Cloud formations over the Balearic Sea.
Balearic Sea Cloudscape

Clouds over the mountains on the coast of Spain from the sea.
Clouds over Spanish mountains

Sunset sky over the Balearic Sea.
Balearic Sea Sunset Sky

Sunset from the Balearic Sea looking towards mountains on the Spanish coast.
Spanish coast sunset

Sunset landscape of the Balearic Sea.
Sunset on the Balearic Sea

The sailing was smooth for the most part on this journey. The first day at sea was a little rough and we slept most of the sea-sickness off. Another day it was rather stormy but we were used to the motion of the cruise ship by then and despite the larger movements we did not feel ill. I found it funny when I felt a sensation of the ground moving under my feet while standing on land after disembarking the ship for a day.

Dramatic sky over the Mediterranean Sea
Dramatic clouds over the Mediterranean

Dramatic clouds looming over an open cruise ship deck.
Looming rain clouds 

Rain clouds over a mountainous coast line on the Mediterranean Sea.
Rain on the horizon
Cloudy sky over the Mediterranean Sea.
Clouds over the Mediterranean

Moon above big clouds at twilight over the Mediterranean sea.
Moon at Twilight

Mountain landscape on the coast of the Mediterranean sea.
Mediterranean landscape

Mediterranean landscape and sky from the sea.
Mediterranean sea landscape

Ship on the horizon at sunset on the Mediterranean Sea.
Ship on the horizon

Clouds over the Mediterranean sea at twilight.
Twilight over the Mediterranean Sea

Moon rising over the North Atlantic Ocean with ships in the background.
Moon rising over the North Atlantic

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