Gibraltar Landscape views and Port of Gibraltar at sunset

Views from the top of the rock in Gibraltar.

Once again I have left it too long to get this post up. The last two months have been as busy as the previous ones. I've been taking photos here and there, but haven't even had the time to upload them to the computer. Since autumn had officially begun nearly two weeks ago, the weather has turned, and it's been windy and rainy. Spending less time outside should give me more time to write and edit photos. But after working at the computer all day long, I don't always feel like it! Anyway, back to Gibraltar!

A tree in front of the Charles V Wall in Gibraltar.
South Bastion, 1540

Trees in front of a cable car and apartment blocks in Gibraltar.
Cable Car

Rocky landscape view from the top of Gibraltar.
Top of the Rock

View of the cruise terminal in the port of Gibraltar from the Top of the Rock.
View of the cruise terminal

Gibraltar's rocky landscape and sea in the background.
Rocky landscape

Rocky landscape view from the top of Gibraltar.
Top of the Rock

A Barbary macaque in a tree in Gibraltar.
A Barbary macaque

Eventually, after a brief cable car trip, we arrived at the Top of the Rock. We spent some time looking around and admiring the view before moving on. I have to mention at this point that I was warned about the Barbary apes... Despite trying to stay away from them, I let my guard down, and one accosted me while I was walking down the stairs! He snatched a juice container from my hands and was disappointed to find it empty. 

We headed down the hill for Saint Michael's Cave, a 15-minute walking distance from the top cable car station. As I was writing this post, I noticed I never included any photos of the caves. It was too dark to take any with my camera. But I picked three of the better ones that I took with my phone.

Looking down at the water from the top of the Rock of Gibraltar.
Looking down

View of the Bay of Gibraltar from the top of the rock.
Sea view from the top

Hazy view of apartments and landscape of Gibraltar.
Hazy afternoon

View of the Bay of Gibraltar with trees in the foreground on an overcast afternoon.
Overcast sky

View of trees and apartments on a hazy and hot afternoon in Gibraltar.
Afternoon landscape

Sunlight reflecting of the water in the Bay of Gibraltar.
Sunlight on water

St.Michael's Cave is a vast network of limestone caves. We saw what is known as the Old St.Michael's Cave, where the Cathedral Cave is. This cavern serves as an auditorium. It is one of my dreams to attend a musical event in a cave someday. In 1942, it was converted into a hospital, and during that time, a whole series of caves were discovered - the New and Lower St.Michel's Caves. If we had more time, I would have loved to explore those areas. Inside the cave there was changing, coloured lighting, which I didn't particularly enjoy. The blue lights were the ones that looked best in photos.
It was humid inside, and not the temperature I was expecting after visiting Irish caves. St Michael's is full of impressive caverns, where stalactites dangle from the ceilings and stalagmites rise to meet them. These impressive structures are very intricate and truly captivating. The cave is one of more than 150 caves found inside the Rock of Gibraltar.

Landscape of the Bay of Gibraltar with a tree in the foreground.
Tree landscape

Blue lights illuminating the inside of St. Michael's cave.
St. Michael's Cave

The formations inside the Cathedral Cave in Gibraltar.
Cathedral Cave

Looking up at the ceiling inside St. Michael's Cave lit up by blue light.
Looking up at the ceiling

Very dark clouds over the Port of Gibraltar after sunset.
Dark sunset in the port

Dark clouds in the port of Gibraltar after sunset with lights in the foreground..
Dark clouds after sunset

We walked back up the hill, then went down again in the cable car. There was some more time to spare before the ship was to leave the harbour. When we walked back into town, we were exhausted from walking all day and decided to stop for some refreshments. It would be a while before we'd eat dinner and we sampled some Moroccan chicken that came with the most delicious sauce. This little dish was something we talked about in days to come. Finally, we made it back to the ship just as the sun set. I dashed out onto the top deck to take some photographs before dark clouds completely covered the sky.

Dark twilight clouds in the port of Gibraltar with a faint sunset in the background.
Dark clouds in the port

Dark clouds and last light of day in the port of Gibraltar with a boat in the centre.
Dark sunset in the harbour

Last sunset light among dark clouds over Gibraltar's harbour.
Last sunset light

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