Moonset and sunrise over Lisbon

The moon over the city of Lisbon at dawn against a purple and pink sky.

The cruise ship docked before the sun rose. I woke up early to take some photographs of the moon setting and the sun rising over Lisbon. I visited the city once before for a day, but took hardly any photos. We organised a trip to Sintra and Cascais so once again I wouldn't get a chance to take many photos of Lisbon.
The body finally adapted to the new conditions having spent two days at sea. So much so that when we stepped on land, it felt like the ground was moving under our feet. Before I take you on this trip to the foothills of Sintra Mountains, here are photos of Lisbon that I managed to capture from the docked cruise ship. The twilight period leading up to the sunrise was wonderful and I hope you enjoy these captures as much as I do.

Capture of Lisbon from the port at dawn.
Early morning in Lisbon, Portugal

Moon glowing above Lisbon at dawn.
Glowing moon above Lisbon

Hillside Lisbon captured from the port at sunrise.
Lisbon sunrise

The Church of Santa Engrácia captured from the port at sunrise in Lisbon.
The Church of Santa Engrácia

A ship docked at the port of Lisbon captured at sunrise.
Ship docked at Lisbon port

There are going to be three more posts from this destination. The next one, a joint collection of snapshots from the trip to Sintra and Cascais. Along with some captures of Lisbon from our stroll along the port on our way back to the cruise ship. Then an entire photo compilation of Sintra, followed by a closing sequence of captures as we sailed away from Lisbon.

The port of Lisbon captured at sunrise in October 2018.
Port of Lisbon at sunrise

Buildings of Lisbon captured from the port at sunrise.
Lisbon's buildings at sunrise

Sunrise in the docklands of Lisbon looking towards the city.
Lisbon sunrise

25 de Abril bridge in Lisbon at sunrise.
25 de Abril bridge

Purple sunrise over the water in Lisbon, Portugal.
Purple sunrise over the water
I spent roughly half an hour taking these photographs. The light changed quickly, every few minutes the scene looked different. It is not surprising that Monet was so fascinated with light when he was painting the Notre Damme. He painted on many canvases at a time in a race against sun light. At least for us it's much easier to freeze the moment with a digital camera now.

Sunrise over the water in the port of Lisbon.
Sunrise over the water

Sunrise clouds over the water captured in Lisbon.
Sunrise clouds

Sunrise clouds captured from a cruise ship in Lisbon.
Sunrise from a cruise ship

Capture of clouds over water in Lisbon at sunrise.
Sunrise sky

Sunrise clouds captured from a cruise ship docked in Lisbon.
Cruise ship at sunrise

Sun risen above the horizon casting a reflection across water in Lisbon.
Sun reflecting on the water
Finally at the end I've included some panoramas from my phone. There time difference between them is about half an hour. It is hard to take perfect panoramas with the phone, but I think they turned out pretty well. I usually make them after, rather than taking a panoramic photo. I take lots of overlapping shots and use an app to stitch them together. It can be difficult to match the light properly doing it that way, you can end up with obvious lines across the sky.

A panoramic capture of Lisbon with the moon setting at dawn.
Moon set panorama

A panorama of the moon setting over Lisbon at sunrise.
Sunrise and Moon panorama

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