Pretty Portmagee on a gloomy day

A blue and white boat leaving Portmagee Harbour in Co.Kerry.

I went to Portmagee in Co.Kerry mid-September three years ago. The goal was to visit the Skellig Islands. I have been wanting to go long before Star Wars "The Force Awakens" was filmed there. Can you believe that was 5 years ago?! Our journey did not go as planned however. The weather wasn't promising when we arrived. There was a possibility we weren't going to be able to get on a boat after all. Luckily or not, that wasn't the case. One drawback was the boats would not be able to dock at Skellig Michael as the waves were too high. I was slightly disappointed but after driving all the way, it would be better than not going at all. The journey was cold, windy and extremely undulating. The diesel fumes from the boat surrounded us constantly. Needless to say, these conditions were conducive to loosing ones' breakfast. When we reached Puffin Island, the other boat we left the harbour with, turned around and went back. The waves were so high, one second we were looking at Skelling Michael and the other we were surrounded by water. Our older, probably fairly crazy captain told us he "would not take any chances" as his knees came up to his armpits and we continued on. Despite the tremendous stomach discomfort, it was pretty spectacular to sail around the Skelligs on such a stormy day. Unfortunately I did not document this adventure well. These shots were taken briefly after leaving the town of Portmagee and before we set out on our choppy venture. There are also a few roadside photos captured on the way to this pretty fishing village.

Leaving the harbour and looking back at Portmagee, Co.Kerry from the water.

A blue and white boat sailing away from Portmagee Harbour in Co.Kerry.

A mountain side on the Iveragh Peninsula captured from the water.

Sun shining on blue and white boats moored in Portmagee, Co.Kerry

Roadside mountain views on the Iveragh Peninsula, Co.Kerry.

Views of the Iveragh Peninsula from the roadside on a gloomy day.

Roadside views on the Iveragh Peninsula, Co.Kerry.

Boats docked along a pier in Portmagee, Co.Kerry.

View of the Coastguard Cottages on Valentia Island, Co.Kerry captured from the water.

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