Macro Summer Flowers: Pink and Red

Macro of a purple Chive flower head.

The previous colour collection of my floral macro photographs was Green and Orange. I saved all the colourful pink and red petals I captured over the summer for this last post. I have taken a lot more close up nature photos since I prepared these photographs, but perhaps they will be kept for another time. It was hard for me to narrow down to these 20 odd photographs as it is.

When I first moved to the countryside I was intimidated by the size of the garden. My head was full of questions like: where and what should I plant. There wasn't a lot I knew about gardening and horticulture even though I've been exposed to it as a child. Both my grandparents had allotments where they grew food and ornamentals. And yet my love for nature didn't reveal itself until I became an adult and had a garden of my own.

Of course, like with everything, you have to make a lot of mistakes before you figure out the right way to do it. From buying plants that don't do well in my garden, to planting in the wrong type of soil, pruning at the wrong times or not pruning at all, there are plenty errors to be made as a new gardener. Every year I try to add or change a few small things around the garden like: plant more hardy flowers or do a little bit of landscaping. These developments seem negligible to me in my day to day life. It's not until I step back and remember what it looked like before, I realise how much has changed. The plants I put in the ground years ago have established themselves and are thriving now. For the first time our Pear tree has gifted us with two dozen fruit this year. They were harvested a few days ago and I'm impatiently waiting for them to ripen indoors.

I guess the moral of my story is to not feel discouraged by anything, but rather make clever decisions and take small steps every day to bring you closer to where you want to be. Personally I would plan everything from start to finish for months rather than take any action. But plans must change and evolve and they can't do that until you become involved.

A macro of a pink and white Rose flower bud.

Macro of raindrops on a pink Foxglove flower bud.

Macro of the centre of a light pink Japanese Anemone flower.

A bird's-eye view of a pink Foxglove flower stalk.

A close up of tiny lilac Thyme flowers.

A macro of the stamens, filaments and pistils inside a dark purple Hollyhock flower.

A close up of a purple chive flower head beginning to bloom.

A macro of anthers inside a light pink Foxglove flower.

A close up of a pink Foxglove flower looking up at the sky.

A macro of tiny pink Heather flowers.

Macro of a Red Rose covered in rain drops.

A macro of Foxglove flower buds on a stem.

A macro of stamens inside a purple Rhododendron flower.

A close up of Foxglove flowers captured through other plants.

A macro of the inside of a light pink Foxglove.

A macro of a raindrop on a bight red Fuchsia flower.

A macro of pink and purple stamens and pistils inside a light pink Gladiolus flower.

A close up of tiny flower clusters on a Pink Astilbe.

Macro of yellow anthers inside a pink Rose flower.

A close up of raindrops on closed flowers of  Digitalis Purpurea.

Macro of the inside of an Oxalis Tetraphylla flower.

Macro of tiny pink Snowberry flowers.

Macro of a blooming purple Rhododendron flower.

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