Macro Insects Continued

Macro of a Green Stink Bug on rose leaves.

Two weeks ago I posted some snapshots of Butterflies and Bees. This is my second and last part of Macro Insects. I spent a lot of time in my garden this summer and captured many different bugs. Time passes unbelievably fast for me when I go on these adventures in my garden. There is so much there you don't see at first glance.

I feel like Autumn has really settled in since last week. Days are noticeably shorter, the air is colder and more crisp. The leaves have turned brown on some smaller deciduous trees and are beginning to fall. At the moment we have a hurricane headed our way from the North Atlantic. Thankfully it has weakened from Category 5 to 1. It has been a long time since we've had some drastic weather. Six years ago the winds picked our greenhouse up and threw it down the garden.

I always struggle to decide which season I prefer and that is because I love and appreciate all seasons. However, the phenological changes between summer and autumn are my favourite. There is something so beautiful and romantic about this particular transition. I hope I get to share more summery floral photographs before winter sets in for real. I have one last group of macro snapshots l want to post. 

A macro of a bee mimicking fly on a Butterfly Bush.

A macro of a Green Stink Bug on a stalk of a light purple Lupine flower.

A macro of a Sawfly Caterpillar on a Gooseberry leaf.

A macro of a Common Red Soldier Beetle on the tip of a blade of grass.

A macro of a Red Ant on a Cornflower bud in the sunlight.

A macro of a small black beetle on a Raspberry leaf.

A macro of a Common Red Soldier Beetle on a purple Chive flower head.

A close up of two Hover Flies on and around pink Spirea flowers.

Macro of a Green Stink Bug on a Rose leaf.

A close up of a wasp on a Cornflower bud.

A macro of a Sawfly Caterpillar underneath a Gooseberry leaf.

A close up of a small spider inside a White Rose.

A close up of a sun lit spider in his web with his shadow casting on the leaf.

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