Macro Summer Flowers: Orange and Green

Macro of the centre of a Black Eyed Susan flower.

This is the second installment of my macro nature captures from the summer. A few weeks ago I posted the first part of Blue and White flowers. Today's colour combination is orange and green but I have also included a few small pink flowers. They are an overspill from the next post I have lined up.

This summer we were surprised to find pears and apples on our trees after years of them being unproductive. We are giddy like children watching them grow. I placed two photos of the pears taken 3 months apart towards the end of the post. The first is from May, when the pears were still growing upwards and the second was taken less than two weeks ago. They are still very firm and need extra time before they are edible. The tree is bearing more than a dozen fruit for the first time. Our apples, while they have some fruit, are not doing nearly as well as the pear. I still have a lot to learn about fruit trees; how to properly prune and look after them.

The fruit bushes on the other hand thrive every single year without fail. Strawberries produced abundantly this summer, I had to pick them every day. I also had some delicious currants, raspberries and gooseberries. I love continuously expanding my edible garden and watching it flourish year after year. I hope I get around to planting more trees this winter/ next spring. I would like to add more apples and pears, maybe some nut trees too.

A close up of a bunch of green Blackcurrant berries on a bush.

A close up of raindrops on a Lupine leaf with sunlight in the background.

Raindrops sitting on Snowberry plant leaves.

A macro of raindrops on orange Calendula petals.

A macro of a green flower bud with tiny hairs.

Macro of a big raindrop on a leaf.

Macro of a green Raspberry fruit on a bush.

Macro of raindrops on closed, yellow Buttercup petals.

A close up of Gooseberries on a bush with garden sheds and flowers in the background.

Macro of raindrops on a Snowberry leaf.

A close up of an orange Calendula flower.

A macro of a Raspberry fruit bud.

A macro of the tip of a Foxglove flower.

A macro of two Raspberry buds forming fruit after flowering.

A macro of a young Rudbeckia flower bud.

A macro of the centre of a Black Eyed Susan flower.

A macro of tiny, pink Snowberry flowers after the rain.

A close up of small, pink Snowberry wildflowers.

A macro of tiny, purple wildflower petals.

A macro of a Calendula flower bud.

A close up of three pears growing upwards on the tree in the sunlight.

A close up of two pears growing on a tree.

A close up of a small, white feather between grass blades.

A close up of a Coneflower garden.

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