Macro Summer Flowers: Blue and White

A close up of tiny blue Veronica Chamaedrys flowers.

As promised in the last post, here are lots of floral photographs. I decided to group my macro flower photos by colour because there are too many to share in one post. In the first segment we have blue and white petals. Although it can be argued that some are in fact purple, not blue.
Blue flowers were the main symbol of inspiration for the Romanticism movement at the end of the 18th century. I believe it's because blue is a colour that is rare in nature. There are no true blue pigments in plants, they have to modify the red anthocyanin pigments to make blue flowers. The science behind this is very interesting.
On the other hand, white flowers can be a little overlooked considering the range of colours available. But I feel that white petals evoke simple beauty. Interestingly white is a combination of all the colours of the spectrum, just like sun light. Some of my favourite flowers are white. Jasmine, Elderflower and Mint have wonderful scents while Strawberry flowers produce delicious red berries. Of course I don't only love plants that offer me something in return for nurturing them. I enjoy watching bees buzz from flower to flower. Lupines, Foxgloves, Cornflowers and Clovers are some of their favourites.

A macro image of a Jasmine flower.

A macro image of a tiny blue Veronica Chamaedrys wildflower.

Close up of a light blue and yellow Aster flower covered in rain drops.

A macro of tiny white mint flowers.

A macro of raindrops on purple Wallflowers.

A macro of tiny delicate Elderflowers.

A macro image of white Lupine flower petals.

A macro of a cluster of tiny, blue Californian Lilac flowers.

A macro of a dandelion seed hanging on to the head by its bristles.

A close up of small white Spirea bush flowers.

A macro of a purple Bachelor's Button flower bud.

A macro of a small light pink Daisy captured among grass.

A macro image of a purple Bachelor's Button flower.

A macro of a Strawberry flower with five white petals and a yellow centre.

A macro of the inside of a white Foxglove flower with pink speckles on the petal.

A close up of white Jasmine flowers.

A macro of purple Lupine flower petals.

A macro of tiny white clover petals photographed among grass.

A close up of a field of Veronica Chamaedrys flowers.

A close up of rain drop covered white Foxglove flower.

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