Meeting a Crow at an Augustinian Friary in Adare

A crow sitting on a window ledge in an Augustinian Friary in Adare, Co.Limerick.

I had the opportunity to drive though Adare in County Limerick back in May. Upon entering this small village I was immediately captivated by its historic allure. My heart was set on visiting Adare Manor for a long time, but I ended up not going to see it that day. I wasn't feeling well but glad I stuck around long enough to meet this crow at the Augustinian Friary in Adare. This priory was founded in 1316 and was known as ‘The Black Abbey’ because of the black habits worn by the Augustinian Friars. It is now known as ‘St. Nicholas’s Church of Ireland’ and is one of the best preserved medieval churches in the country.

It was quite the eerie experience, but in a good way. I heard crows cawing as I entered through the gate. When I turned the corner I spotted this crow sitting in the window. I immediately stopped so I wouldn't scare him away and I proceeded to take photos of him. He stared at me and he cawed back to the other crows circling above, around the open part in the middle of the cloister square.

As it was a bit of a gloomy day, I decided to turn my photos black and white. It has been a long time since I've desaturated photos. I am happy with how they turned out, they've gained a bit of character and that -good- spooky feeling of this adventure.

Augustinian Friary in Adare, Co.Limerick.

An open gate leading into an Abbey cloister square in Adare, Co.Limerick.

A yew tree in the cloister square of Adare's Augustinian Friary in Co.Limerick.

An Elderflower bush with a white flower head.

A grey crow sitting on a window in Adare Augustinian Friary, Co.Limerick.
Tall pointed arch windows of the Adare Augustinian Friary, Co.Limerick.

A glass table with a bird sun dial in the Augustinian Friary, Adare, Co.Limerick.

A curious crow sitting on a window looking out into a cloister square in a friary in Adare, Co.Limerick.

A door and window in a corner outside the Augustinian Friary in Adare, Co.Limerick.

A tree outside Adare Augustinian Friary, Co.Limerick.

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