Forgotten February Sunsets

Wind turbine, mountain and conifer landscape at sunset.

Finally months later I gathered these sunset photographs taken in the month of February in the last few years. I have been busy working on some never-ending diy projects. If anybody out there has single-handedly renovated a country cottage, they know how much effort it takes. Ok I must admit it is not all entirely single-handed work, but for the most part -sorry love- I do a lot of the jobs. It would explain why it's taking so long! Currently, I have some time off and apart from all the renovating I have also been working on my huge backlog of photographs.

Sunset in the Boggeragh Mountains in North Cork with a hexagonal lens flare.

A path through young conifer trees in the Boggeragh Mountains during a sunset.

Sun beaming over the top of a cloud in a valley in North Cork.

I've been taking lots of photos in the last couple of weeks too. I've forgotten how good my camera is at taking macro photographs. With the sky being grey and gloomy for the most part, it's been fun to focus on the little things in nature.The weather hasn't been great so far. I honestly can't remember if I've ever had to light the stove in June before. If it weren't for the garden blooming, bees buzzing and long days, it would be really depressing. 

Wind turbines in the Boggeragh Mountains at sunset.

Sunset clouds over conifer trees and wind turbines in North County Cork.

Orange sunset clouds over conifers and bare deciduous tree branches.

I can't wait to share the photographs from last year I've been working on and the macros I've been taking recently. It will probably take me a long time to get it all done, but I will do my best to be at least more regular here.

Sunset in the Boggeragh Mountains with conifers and wind turbines.

Sunset sky in a valley in North Cork with a clump of trees in the middle.

Sun beaming over the top of a cloud in the Boggeragh Mountains.

Blue sunset sky with bare tree branches in a valley in North Cork.

Moon rise during blue hour over the ocean in Youghal, Co.Cork.

Blue hour moon-scape over the water in Youghal, County Cork.

Ocean waves captured during blue hour in Youghal, Co.Cork.

Sunset clouds over a hillside in the Boggeragh Mountains, County Cork.

Sunset clouds behind bare Jasmine bush branches.

Pinkish sunset clouds behind bare Maple tree branches.

Sun beaming out over the top of a cloud in a valley in North Cork.

Sun beaming through branches on fern leaves.

A German Shepherd sitting on a hillside at sunset.

Moon rise over the forestry in the Boggeragh Mountains on a light blue sky and some light pink clouds.

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