February Snow Landscapes

Snowy landscape of Mount Hilary on a sunny day in County Cork.

It definitely feels a little weird to be posting photographs of snowy landscapes in April. Then again, Spring this year feels negligible so far. In the last week we had hail, snow and freezing temperatures. All in one day too may I add. Ireland doesn't even get 6 months of nice weather. I have to admit I have been talking/complaining a lot about weather. It seems like that's all we ever talk about in Ireland. In any given conversation, the weather has an extremely high chance of being mentioned. I hope Summer has a big surprise in store for us, preferably in the form of never-ending sunshine. At the same time, I can't help but think it's going to fly by and we'll be back to miserable rain and gloom in the blink of an eye. As you can see I'm 50/50 optimist/pessimist. On that note, enjoy the last of my monthly landscape collections!

Snow capped mountain in the sunshine between two trees in the shade.

Snow covered shrubs in a field on a mountainside.

Sunlight and shadow across a snowy mountain valley in North Cork.

Snow covered fields and hedges on a hillside in the Boggeragh Mountains.

Snowy conifers on the side of the road in Duhallow.

Sunny hillside dusted with snow and a band of shadow along the foreground framed by a tree branch.

Snowy landscape of the mountains through a tree on a sunny day.

A mountain side covered in snow with brambles and grasses in the foreground.

Snow covered shrubbery in a field on a mountainside at sunset in North Cork.

A snowy winter landscape on a sunny day in County Cork.

Shaded trees in the foreground with a sunny hillside and blue sky in the background.

Snowy mountain landscape on a sunny day framed by some snowy branches from the bottom left corner.

Snowy bushes in the foreground with a sunset hillside in the background.

Wintry landscape of a snowy valley in North Cork.

Snow covered mountainside on a sunny day through a gap in the trees.

Frosty hillside on a sunny, blue sky day in the Boggeragh Mountains, County Cork.

Snow beginning to fall on a sunny day in North Cork.

Snow covered mountains on a sunny day in County Cork.

Sunset on a hillside seen though snowy branches and mature conifer trees.

Dark sky sunset on a snowy day in North Cork.

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