January Landscapes

A rainbow streak in the cloudy sky over the Boggeragh Mountains in County Cork.

I have been quite busy recently and struggling to keep up with my photography. I have hundreds of photos on the back burner waiting to be edited from my European trip last autumn. And probably many more from around home too.

It is almost mid March now and it's hard to believe Spring is almost here. Today has been a real rain-snow-and-sunshine kind of day. It's been like a constant cycle of different forms of precipitation, wind and sun. It snowed a little last week too, to me it definitely still feels like winter. Even as I wrote these few short paragraphs the weather changed from sunny to rainy to blizzard and back to sunshine again.

For today's post I have selected some landscape photographs I captured in the Boggeragh Mountains in January over the last few years. The common themes across the board were moon rises and rainbows as my archive shows.

Big fluffy clouds in the Boggeragh Mountains in North Cork.

Rainbow over a distant mountain between shaded trees.

Rainbow on a grey sky and sun shining on the top of a hill.

Big clouds and a rainbow in the mountains of North Cork.

Shaded snow pockets in the fields on a mountain side.

A frozen path in the forest and stack of cut timber in the distance.

A curved road in the forest with cut logs on one side in the fog.

Top of the windmill hidden in the fog over conifer trees.

A windmill framed by trees in the fog.

Moon between clouds on a blue sky over a sunny hillside.

Moon hiding behind a light pink cloud captured though branches.

Moon crescent in a bare branch tree.

Glowing moon after sunset on a navy sky.

Sun light and shadow over a mountain with fluffy grey clouds overhead.

Sun shining through the clouds on a mountain in North Cork.

Green conifers and one golden deciduous tree in the sunlight with a blue sky overhead.

Sun shining in the Boggeragh Mountains in North Cork.

Sun shining on bare Maple tree branches in the mountains at sunset.

Pastel clouds in the sky during a sunset in the mountains.

A sheet of rain in a valley in the Boggeragh Mountains in North Cork.

Rain clouds in a valley in North Cork bringing rain.

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