Garden in February

Clusters of snow balls sitting on top of plant branches in my garden.

It's the last week of March and finally we are having some nice weather. I am so tired of being cold and sitting inside for months. And yet here I am with snow photos, I feel cold just looking at them! I almost didn't want to finish this photo series but quitting with the finish line in sight seemed worse. I still have landscape and sunset photos to do, so there will be more wintry scenes to come. The Astronomical Spring began last week and it was accompanied by the last Super Moon of the year. The mornings are still frosty but the sun rises earlier and sets later. It is nice to have more daylight again. I have made a transition from being a night owl to a morning lark and I get to enjoy more sunrises too. I think from my website you will know I am obsessed with sunsets. When I leave home in the morning, along with the sunrise I get to see the moonset. The views in Duhallow are beautiful any time of day but seeing fog lift in the valley first thing in the morning is amazing. There is a smell of freshly cut grass everywhere I go, it must be Spring for sure.

Snow covered branches in a hedge.

Yellow gorse flowers covered in snow.

The first of spring leaves appearing on branches.

Three red rose hips on the tip of a branch in the sunlight with a bokeh background.

Snow covered branches in the shade and a sunny hill side in the background.

Snow on branches with tiny green leaves on them.

Snowy branches in the foreground and conifer trees with sunset clouds above.

Snowy branches in the foreground with a blurry sunny hill side in the background.

A close up of snow capped branches.

Snow leaves in focus with a blurry half shaded - half lit hill side in the background.

Snow capped Marjoram flower heads in the garden.

Snow on large Laurel leaves in a hedge.

Snow capped rose bush branches with more snow covered plants in the background.

Little leaves emerging on a tree at sunset.

A silhouette of a tree trunk and branches with sunset clouds in the background.

Close up of leaves with a sunset and Maple tree branches in the background.

A close up of snow covered branches with a sunset glare in the background.

A close up of snow on branches with tiny leaves.

Snow covered landscape with dark sunset clouds above.

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