January Snowy Landscapes

A dramatic dark blue sky looming over a snow covered hillside in North County Cork.

We have had some beautiful snowy days this year. From dramatic clouds to soft sunsets and constant light change from the sun shining to being obscured by clouds. Most of the photographs in this post were in fact taken this year. The rest I captured over the last couple of years.
Living in the Boggeragh Mountains I don't have to go anywhere to enjoy nature. It is at arms reach, right on my doorstep. This is why you see the same places over and over in my photos. But I always try to capture them in new light. A sunset is never the same twice, just like other photographic opportunities. The elements vary and it's always unique in itself, like any moment in time. I am forever in awe of the beauty around me.

Dark sky above a snow covered mountainside in North County Cork.

A dark and grey sky above a landscape dusted with snow.

A line of conifers on a hillside in the snow captured in North County Cork.

Grey tones of a landscape dusted with snow in North Cork.

Snow melting on a county road in the mountains in North Cork.

Heavy snow falling with bare tree branches in the background.

Melting snow landscape of a mountainside in the Boggeragh Mountains in North Cork.

Snow slowly disappearing from a hillside in North County Cork on a sunny day.

Fields on a hillside in North Cork covered with snow.

Setting sun lighting up trees in a valley in the Boggeragh Mountains, Co.Cork.

Sunset cloud over the top of a snow covered mountain in North Cork.

Melting snow in the fields on a mountain side in North Cork.

Snowy hillside at sunset captured in the Boggeragh Mountains in North Cork.

Sunset clouds through snow covered branches in North Cork.

Snow dusted landscape of windmills on a mountaintop in North Cork.

Sun shining on a snow covered mountain in North County Cork.

Snow covered landscape of a hillside in North Cork at sunset.

Snow covered plants and trees at sunset in the Boggeragh Mountains.

Snow covered forestry on top of a mountain at sunset in North Cork.

Snowy mountain side in North County Cork during a sunset.

Sun shining on conifers on a snowy mountainside in North Cork.

Sunset clouds behind snowy branches on a hillside.

Sun shining on a bare ash tree in a valley in North County Cork.

Sun light shining through bare trees in a valley in North County Cork.

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