January Animal Portraits

German Shepherd Nala sitting among tall grasses in a field.

I have finally taken some photos of Poppy with my camera. She has grown so much! I cannot believe she will be a year old in April. The whole experience of Steve and Nala's newborn puppies is almost surreal. The above photograph is of  Nala though and it was taken in 2015 when she was a year old. If you make it to the end of this post you will see how different Poppy is to her mom.

German Shepherd Steve with a black Labrador Judy lying down behind him.

German Shepherd Steve sitting in the grass looking at the camera.

The above two photographs of Steve and Judy were taken 5 years ago. A few short weeks before we got Nala. Steve was 5 then, the age Nala is now. I have no idea how old Judy was then, but definitely over 10 years. She was Steve's mommy and then Nala's mommy, she did a great job of raising them.

A cat balancing on branches up a cherry tree.

A cat sitting inside a bare cherry tree.

I love coming across photos of Sassy. She was always out and about with me and the dogs, This is why I have so many captures of her frolicking around. Our new Kitty cat hasn't joined me on any adventures outside with the dogs yet. But she is starting to play with them in the house. Nala's favourite game with the cat is boxing. She absolutely loves when Puss keeps swiping claws at her face and Nala avoids them at the speed of light. These photos of Sassy were taken in 2014, just before we got Nala.

A cat walking along a cherry tree branch.

German Shepherd Nala holding a stick on top of a stone wall.

I just had to include the above photo of Nala. It made me smile when I came across it. She was a year old and gazelle like. She jumped up in the air like a flea and landed on the stone wall. Nala was so slender and extremely athletic. I have noticed her chest fill out a lot in the last year as she went from being 4 to 5 years old. She's definitely chunkier now and doesn't jump up on the wall anymore.

Looking up at a white and brindle cat sitting in the grass.

A close up of a white and brindle cat sitting in the grass.

These photos of Sassy are from 2015. Fourteen months after these were taken, I was devastated to find her dead out on the road. A month after that we found Kitty. Life works in mysterious ways.

A close up profile of a white and brindle cat.

Profile of a German Shepherd Steve with a blond German Shepherd Nala sitting next to him on a hill side.

Profile of two German Shepherds Nala and Steve with their eyes closed and panting sitting on a mountainside.

These photos of Steve and Nala were taken last year. Before Nala got knocked up by Steve. They make such a beautiful pair. They are the opposite in everything from colouring to characters. How I would have loved to keep all the pups to see how they all turned out. Having three German Shepherds is quite enough though. In our tiny little cottage, there are more animals than us humans and space is tight.

Portrait of a German Shepherd Steve sitting on a hillside at sunset.

A German Shepherd Steve standing on a mountain side.

Profile of German Shepherd Nala lying in tall grass in a field.

German Shepherd Steve chasing Nala who is running away with a stick.

Again more photographs of Steve and Nala from 2015. These two have a special bond now, they understand each other so well. Poppy is so lucky to have these two as her parents. They set such a wonderful example for her and they have taught her many things, saving us the hassle.

Portrait of German Shepherd Nala lying in tall grass looking at the camera.

Profile of a German Shepherd Steve standing in a field looking at something to his left.

German Shepherd Nala standing in snow in the sunlight with a snowy nose.

German Shepherd Steve chomping down snowballs in the sunlight.

German Shepherds Steve and Nala getting covered in snow.

The above photos of Steve and Nala in snow were captured in 2017. We had a beautiful sunny day in the snow throwing snowballs and getting wet. They absolutely love the white stuff, it makes them very hyper and they run around the place like crazy. The photo below is of Steve taking a moment on our walk in 2014.

German Shepherd Steve lying on snowy ground looking down the valley.

And finally we made it to Poppy. These photos below were captured last month when we got some lovely fluffy snow. Poppy loves chasing Nala and sometimes Steve joins in and chases them. They are such an adorable family. 

German Shepherd Poppy sitting on a hillside covered in snow.

German Shepherd Poppy chasing her mom Nala down a snowy hillside.

A family of three German Shepherds on a snow covered hillside.

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