Garden in January

Sunset light shining though tiny evergreen leaves.

The garden can be a beautiful place even at the dreariest of times. January and February are the coldest months in Ireland. The climate in the mountains always varies a bit to that of the city. We have had a few snowy days this year already. In fact, there are still bits of frozen snow around our garden right now.

A close up of a flower skeleton in the sunlight.

Tiny flower skeletons on a stem in the sunlight.

These little things were the pretties I've seen in the garden in the winter. Sometimes it pays off to not prune shrubs and flowers. The flower skeletons are just so beautiful. This is what the petals look like after months of rain and sunshine, long after the flowering period is over.

A macro of the structure of a flower focused on the tip of a petal.

A branch of a shrub covered in light green moss.

Close up of red rose hips with a hillside in the background.

A close up of tiny silver, pale green leaves on a shrub.

I love going for a stroll in my garden and looking around for something to catch my eye. I must say though, I'm not always eager to get out there in our Irish elements. I hate the cold, especially when most of the time it's accompanied by either wind or rain. I make an exception for snow, because unlike rain it makes me happy. There's something magical about it, the world looks brighter because it's whiter. 

A macro of frost gleaming in the sunlight.

Close up of frost twinkling in the sunlight.

Mother's Nature design of frost on glass.

A pattern of frost on glass.

Close up of a conifer branch with speckles of melting snow and droplets shining in the sunlight.

In all fairness, the constant change from rain to sun makes for some spectacular opportunities to capture gorgeous light. I've definitely missed some good ones, but I've come to terms with it, I don't have to capture absolutely everything. It's like when I was a kid and realised I couldn't possibly read all the books in the world. 

An aerial close up of a flower head in the sunlight with snow on the ground.

A close up of rose hips with some bokeh effect behind it.

A close up of a frost covered rose branch.

Close up of rose hips at different stages of maturity.

Sometimes it feels like winter lasts half a year in Ireland. I'm seriously reconsidering why on Earth I'm not living somewhere else. I do forget that Ireland is called Hibernia, the land of winter. However, on a sunny day, there is nothing more beautiful to see than the ancient Irish landscape. I must make an effort to explore more of it before I'm riddled in arthritis and have to move to a hot climate.

Sunset light shining through tiny ever green leaves in January.

Tree trunk and some twisted branches in the sunlight with some conifer trees in the background.

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