December Sunsets

Boggeragh Mountains Windmill Farm during a sunset.

The last post to finish off my December series. Two more months of these posts to complete the yearly cycle. I will be sad when it ends it but also happy to start something new. I must get to work on the January posts because I'm a little behind. I hope you enjoy these sunset photographs I've captured in North County Cork.

Bare tree branches with light pink sunset clouds behind them.

Windmill and cloud landscape in the Boggeragh Mountains in County Cork.

Dark landscape in the Boggeragh Mountains, Co.Cork.

A silhouette of a heron sitting on top of a mature Maple tree at sunset.

Sunset clouds behind bare tree branches.

A blue sunset clouds behind bare trees on a hillside.

A line of conifers on a hillside with pink sunset clouds.

Sunset landscape in the Boggeragh Mountains, County Cork.

Big, pink and fluffy clouds over Mount Hilary in the Boggeragh Mountains, Co.Cork.

Light pink cloud sunset on a mountainside.

Sunset clouds obscured by trees and a mountainside.

Sunset clouds reflecting in puddles on a mountain road.

Sunset clouds behind windmills in the Boggeragh Mountains.

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