Nature in December

Snow covered branches of a tree tunnel in County Cork.

Happy New Year! It's been almost a year now since I gave this space an update and started sharing my photography. The monthly series has nearly come full circle and I'll have to think about doing some other posts. I'm getting tired of doing the same thing, ha ha. To start off the month of December, here are some nature photographs I've captured around County Cork. I love looking back at the different years to see what the weather has been like. In December of 2013 we had a snow day mid month. In 2014 we had plenty frost but no snow. The next two years, 2015 and 2016, there has been no snow. In 2017 we had some snow fall at the start of the month and then after Christmas too. Last year, 2018, we had plenty frost again but no snow. Although the winter in Ireland is yet to some, as January and February are the coldest months. And it wasn't until March last year that we got some real snow that lasted a few days. I hope our snow days are still in front of us. 

Image taken under snow covered tree branches in the Boggeragh Mountains.

A close up of snow covered Jasmine bush branches.

Tree branches obscuring the view of with a green field in front of them.

A round yellow leaf hanging off a bare tree branch in the woods.

A yellow Maple tree leaf stuck in the branches.

Yellowing and browning Autumn leaves on a tree branch.

A field of tall and yellow Autumn grasses with a tree in the middle of it.

Dry and brown leaves on tree branches in the forest.

Looking of of a forest from behind mossy tree branches.

Dewy moss hanging off a tree branch inside a forest.

Tiny mushrooms growing on a pine tree branch inside a forest.

A tiny mushroom growing on a forest floor among moss.

Half a moon above a tree that is half covered in pine branches.

A close up of snow covered pine branches in the sunlight.

A pine branch covered in snow with the sun shining.

Sun melting the snow sitting on pine tree branches.

A snow covered cheery tree in a valley in North Cork.

Snow covered landscape of tall grasses in a field.

A close up of snow capped flower heads.

Snow beginning to fall in a valley in the Boggeragh Mountains.

Snow covered mountain side in the Boggeragh Mountains, Co.Cork.

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