December Landscapes

Shaded, frosty and sunny landscape of the Boggeragh Mountains with a half moon in the sky.

I wasn't short on landscape photos, unlike the dogs in the last post. There are also a lot more to come in the next post. The weather varies a bit, some days it looks like autumn and others like winter. I suppose, after all, December is on the cusp of those two seasons. Most of the photos in this post were taken in 2017. Last year I was a bit lazy and didn't get out much to enjoy the scenery.

A frosty mountain landscape on a sunny day.

A weir on the river Lee in the Ballincollig Regional Park, County Cork.

This is the same spot as in the photo from my other December post. One year later and taken with a digital camera instead. This is when I made the transition from 35mm because it was costing me too much. Some day I hope to set up my own little darkroom aka. bathroom in the dark. 

Four trees in a row with different colour foliage in Ballincollig, County Cork.

An ancient and gnarly looking tree in Ballicolling Regional Park.

River Lee as seen from the Ballincollig Regional Park, County Cork.

A crescent moon between bare tree branches in the mountains.

I hope you enjoy watching the rest of these December landscapes and are looking forward to snowy scenes in the next one. We already had a fair bit of snow in December of 2017 unlike in 2018. But I think this year's winter is yet to send some fluffy white snow our way.

Conifer trees in the foreground with windmills and snow dusted mountains in the distance.

A curved woodland track surrounded by melting snow in the Boggeragh Mountains, County Cork.

A track in the forest between trees with a view of the mountains in the distance.

Bright almost half moon shining in the sky between bare tree branches.

Misty and sunny mountainside landscape in a valley in the Boggeragh Mountains.

A sunshine beam on the top of a hillside and some trees in the Boggeragh Mountains.

A sunlight beam across the top of the hillside illuminating some trees.

A faint half moon over the silhouette of a forestry in the Boggeragh Mountains.

Sun shining on a mountain side and some bare trees in the Boggeragh Mountains.

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