December Dog Portraits

German Shepherd female Nala biting Steve in the neck on a snowy mountain.

Since October, I've been lackadaisical about getting out there with the camera. Hence, in today's installment there are no photos of Poppy. I selected a few photos of Steve and Nala from the last few years. The capture above is from 2017, a few months before Nala got pregnant and had 8 puppies!

A portrait of a German Shepherd sitting on a hillside looking into the falling snow.

A year old German Shepherd Nala running up a frosty and grassy hill.

A German Shepherd scooting around on frosty grass.

Nala's first experience of frosty grass in 2014, a few weeks before she turned a year old. She was scooting around the garden doing the figure of 8 and other crazy loops. That's how excited she was to see frost on grass. I think Steve must have been 6 years old then, already wise and just watching Nala go nuts.

A portrait of a German Shepherd sitting on frosty grass looking up at the camera.

Two German Shepherds racing on a road in the mountains.

These photos were also taken in 2014 and how much has changed since! A race where Steve is leading the way seems so long ago. It wasn't long after these were taken that Nala became faster than Steve, she would outrun him every time. It is funny seeing these, as only the other day we were talking about how Poppy has now become the lead race dog. 

German Shepherds running on a country road.

Two German Shepherds, Steve and Nala, running together on a road in the mountains.

A German Shepherd Steve leading the way in a race.

Below are photographs of Steve in long grass from 2013, not too long before we got Nala. I was rather disappointed I didn't take any photos in December any other year, including this year. Hopefully it motivates me to get out there and make up for the lost captures. Having photos from every month is like a dairy to me, helps to remind me what I've been up to. I'm sure I had a great time with the dogs, even though I can't remember what we did.

A German Shepherd jumping in long, golden grass chasing after a stick.

A German Shepherd Steve bringing back a stick through long grass.

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