November Animal Portraits

A profile of a German Shepherd Steve sitting on a hillside at sunset.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy all these nonseasonal photos of my animals. For the lack of new photos of our growing Poppy, I've included captures from years ago of Sassy and Judy. It has been nice to witness the change in dynamics between all the animals that we've had. I think we may have a new duo in the making, as Kitty and Poppy are trying to communicate. 
Look out for one more post to come before the end of 2018, November Sunsets. For now, stay cozy by the fire with your furry friends and savour the festivities.

A pair of German Shepherds in the Boggeragh Mountains in County Cork.

A German Shepherd Nala behind bare branches and grasses.

A black Labrador Judy sitting on frosty grass and looking at the camera.

A black Labrador Judy looking straight at the camera with her chestnut eyes.

A black and blond German Shepherd Nala standing in the grass under a tree.

A black and copper German Shepherd Steve standing among yellow grasses

A German Shepherd Steve licking his lips in between chewing on a stick.

A white and brindle cat running through the grass with her tail up.

A white and brindle cat Sassy sitting in a bare cherry tree.

Sassy the cat sitting in a sunny spot inside a cherry tree.

A cat climbing down a tree on a frosty morning.

A close up of a German Shepherd Nala sitting on a hillside looking over the valley.

A German Shepherd Nala sitting with her eyes closed into the setting sun.

A German Shepherd Steve looking at the camera.

A German Shepherd sitting in yellow grass and blending with his environment.

A German Shepherd sitting on a hill in the Boggeragh Mountains at sunset.

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