Garden in November

Frost covered brown Maple tree leaf.

It's the last month of the year, hard to believe another year is coming to a close. It's a little weird doing these posts a month later. I hope over time I can be a little more up to date. Now to begin the November cycle with photos of nature I've captured around my garden. November as a transition month still has the golden, amber beauty of October. This month introduces us to winter with the cold and frosty mornings. For us in the mountains it's still frosty long after lunch. Soon it will be dark before dinner time.

A close up of frost covered Heather.

A close up of frost on a Maple tree leaf.

A close up of a frost covered knot on a tree trunk.

Hawthorn berries on bare tree branches covered in dew on a misty hillside.

Two apples covered in rain drops hanging on a branch.

A bee on a lavender flower.

Orange Calendula flowers in a rockery at sunset.

A yellowed cherry tree leaf hanging off a tree.

A close up of the center of an orange Gerbera Daisy.

Red berries on tree branches in sunlight.

Maple tree leaves changing colour to yellow and brown.

Maple tree leaves changing colours to yellow and brown.

Raindrops on an orange Calendula flower.

Dew on yellow Calendula flowers in a flower garden.

A close up of rain drops on the petals of a yellow Calendula flower.

Misty and foggy bare tree branches.

Rose branches covered in spider web with a bokeh background.

Rain drops on the petals of a yellow flower.

Foggy and misty garden.

Close up of some pink Snapdragons in a valley garden.

Dew drops on orange Calendula flower petals.

Two red roses among bare branches.
Two Fuchsia flowers hanging off a branch at golden hour sunset.

Sycamore Maple seeds hanging off branches during golden hour sunset.

A close up of Willow tree shoot during golden sunset hour.

Leaves of a Willow tree glistening during golden sunset hour.

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