A Tipperary Trip

Cahir Castle in Co.Tipperary behind trees.

This is a trip we took with my granny 3 years ago. It was a long day adventure of visiting the Mitchelstown Cave, the Cahir Castle and ended in the Doneraile Wildlife Park. The wildlife park is in County Cork but it was part of our Tipperary Trip. I've included this post in three categories: animals, landscapes and nature. I try to only use one label per post, so they don't repeat in the gallery, but I feel this post belongs in all of them.

A view of the Galtee Mountains from the Mitchelstown Cave.

As you walk up the road to the Mitchelstown Cave, you're surrounded by beautiful views of the Galtee Mountains. The cave is situated on the border of County Cork and Tipperary, between Mitchelstown and Cahir. It's most notable cave formations are the Tower of Babel column, a calcite formation standing at 10 meters high and the Concert Hall, a large cavern where music events are hosted. It is one of my dreams to go to a concert in the Mitchelstown Cave.

A stone corner tower of the Cahir Castle in Co.Tipperary with pink cosmos flowers in the foreground.

After visiting the cave it's almost mandatory to pay a visit to Cahir Castle. It's only a jaunt up the road, 15-20 mins away. The castle is one of the largest in Ireland and is situated on an island in the river Suir.  It is an imposing 13th-15th century structure, skillfully designed by to be a state-of-the-art defensive castle. 

View of a Cahir Castle tower from another tower.

A round corner tower with a sunflower in front of it at Cahir Castle.

It is very enjoyable to walk around the castle and its grounds. The views are picturesque and during the summer there's plenty colour in the flower garden. 

A stone building with pink flowers in front on the Cahir Castle grounds.

A view of the Cahir Castle in Co.Tipperary under a maple tree.

The Cahir Castle appears to grow from the actual rock on which it stands and has been a place of sieges and bombardments for centuries. 

Pink cosmos flowers in front of a round Cahir Castle tower.

View from a window in the Cahir Castle, Co.Tipperary.

Trees and a bridge outside the Cahir Castle, Co.Tipperary.

Three ducks on a stone wall outside the Cahir Castle, Co.Tipperary.

View of a weir from the Cahir Castle in Co.Tipperary.

Red roses outside a stone building with white windows on Cahir Castle grounds.

A hollow in a tree on Cahir Castle grounds in Co.Tipperary.

A yellow rose growing agaist a stone wall on Cahir Castle grounds.

View of the Doneraile Castle behind branches of a chestnut tree.

The Doneraile Park was a huge surprise. I can't believe this place has been on my doorstep all this time. The park comprises 166 hectares and is an excellent example of an 18th century landscaped park. It is full of mature groves of deciduous trees, water features and herds of deer.

Green chestnut burrs growing on branches.

An old chestnut tree trunk with a spit in it.

A young buck at the Doneraile Wildlife Park in Co.Cork.

A view of does in a field captured behind trees in the Doneraile Wildlife Park.

A doe in grass in the Doneraile Wildlife Park, Co.Cork.

A young buck behind a post looking through the fence.

An Eastern Screech Owl in the Doneraile Wildlife Park, Co.Cork.

It was my first time seeing deer in real life, which I got quite excited about. I think they look like reindeer and made me feel Christmassy. I suppose there is a deer in reindeer after all. The visit to the park was topped by a man bringing his Easter Screech Owl for a walk. Such a stunning bird and it was also my first time seeing one up close in real life.

A view of the Doneraile House across the green grounds.

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