October Animal Portraits

A close up of a horse's nose.

I found so many photos in my October folders from the last 5 years. As always I struggled to select the best captures. My posts changed from a few select photographs combined with a brief story, to many photos with no writing. I like to change things up and go with the flow. I'm sure I'll have new ideas for this space in months to come. 

A grey horse between brown horses looking at the camera.

A grey horse in a field looking at the camera.

I meet these horses on my walks with the dogs sometimes. Horses are such graceful and stunning creatures. I spent a few weeks in stables on holidays as a kid many moons ago. I remember loving being around these animals, they can have quite the soothing effect on your soul. Similar to some of the other four-legged creatures I like to spend time with now.

A cat blending in with fallen leaves and trees.

A cat behind fern leaves with sunlight reflecting off her eyes.

A cat hiding in a bush and blending with the branches.

A cat sitting on a branch in a cherry tree.

I found many photos of our previous cat Sassy. I got plenty sentimental feelings going on looking at them and wanted to include as many as sanely possible. 

A cat lying on brown grass in sunlight.

A cat at the bottom of a tree at sunset.

A cat in a tree looking down at the camera.

A cat standing up at the base of a tree.

A cat in a cherry tree looking out.

A white and brindle cat Sassy sitting among pine needles in a tree.

So far, I haven't taken many photos of Kitty. She doesn't spend as much time outside with us the way Sassy used to. I hope she opens up and enjoys the garden a lot more, but she's still so weary of the dogs. Below I also included a shot of Judy, I think it's been about 2 years since she's been gone. If she was here and heard me say her name, her tail for sure would be banging off something making a racket.

A black and white cat standing on a fence.

A black Labrador Judy lying on a mossy forest floor.

A yellow Maple leaf between German Shepherd's paws.

A German Shepherd Steve among bare branches and golden grass.

A German Shepherd Steve lying on a hill in grass.

There are also loads of photos of Steve from the last few years. He is all grown up and a daddy now. I bet you he didn't see it coming, sitting on that frosty grass those 5 years ago.

A young German Shepherd Steve looking back at the camera in a frosty garden.

A German Shepherd Steve looking out of a forest with his ears up.

A German Shepherd Steve standing among branches and grasses looking at the camera.

A German Shepherd Steve looking up with sunlight behind him.

A German Shepherd Steve standing on a forest path.

A 4 year old German Shepherd Steve looking out over some grasses and branches.

A German Shepherd Steve from behind looking down the hill.

A German Shepherd Steve with a sunset behind him.

An 8 year old German Shepherd Steve lying in tall grass on a hill side.

A 6 month old German Shepherd Nala looking up at the camera.

Of course I couldn't do without my Nala, but you won't be seeing any Poppy in this post. She didn't make the cut this time around. It is crazy that she has turned 6 months. The older I get, the shorter the years seem to get.

A German Shepherd Nala sitting looking at the camera with a sunset behind her.

A German Shepherd Nala standing in grass with mist around her.

A German Shepherd sitting on a hill side at sunset.

A German Shepherd Nala standing in the garden in dappled sunlight.

A German Shepherd Nala with sunlight on her face and looking left.

A portrait of a German Shepherd Nala on a hill in the grass.

A 6 month old German Shepherd Nala sniffing the foggy, misty air.

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