Garden in October

A close up of purple Aster blooms at sunset.

Garden in the autumn is a beautiful place to be. From misty and foggy days, to frosty mornings and golden sunsets, there's so much to see in nature. There are still plenty flowers around while the leaves disappear from the tree branches. I've included heaps of photos I've captured in my garden over the years. 

A close up of a purple Aster flower with a yellow centre.

A macro image of a pink Aster flower bud.

Close up of purple Aster flowers with yellow centres in dappled sunlight.

A macro image of Aster flowers in dappled sunlight.

Sunset light on a flower garden of pink Snapdragons, their seed pods and yellow Calendulas.

A close up of a yellow buttercup flower with a green background.

A macro of the centre of a buttercup flower with a green background.

Dew on red rose petals.

Flower garden pictured during sunset blue hour.

Blue Delphiniums and other flowers in an autumn garden.

Close up of green frosty leaves.

A macro of frost on green leaves.

Almost bare branches of a hawthorn tree and some red berries.

A close up of pink Heather at sunset.

Maple tree leaves on branches at sunset.

Plants wrapped in spider webs on a misty autumnal day.

A branch of a cherry tree with leaves changing colour.

A macro of raindrops on the back side of a yellowing Maple tree leaf.

Read blackberry leaves in sunlight.

Sunset light beaming though red leaves.

A rose bush branch wrapped in a spider web on a foggy day.

A close up of a spider web in rose branches.

A spider web inside a rose bush.

A close up of a browning rose hip covered in dew.

Leaves covered in spider web silk.

A winter teasel seed head.

A macro of a brown teasel seed head in sunlight.

A close up of a Teasel seed head at sunset.

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