An Autumn Sunset at the Kanturk Castle

Yellow leaves on tree branches outside Kanturk Castle, Co.Cork.

Kanturk Castle is located on the outskirts of the market town of Kanturk. The town lies astride the Dalua and Allow Rivers in North County Cork, in the Blackwater Valley.

Sun light shining through orange leaves on tree branches in North County Cork.

Autumn sunset light shining on branches of coniferous trees in North Cork.

Kanturk Castle is an impressive ruined mansion built in the 16th century. The castle is a rectangular 4 story high Tudor-style mansion made from limestone rubble from a nearby quarry. The main structure is 28 m long by 11 m wide with a huge square tower at each corner. Each tower is 5 stories, roughly 29 m tall. 

Autumn sunset light shining on conifer trees and a Kanturk Castle tower in North Co.Cork.

Brown and yellow tones of Oak leaves on branches outside Kanturk Castle in County Cork.

The castle has a remarkable number of well-preserved fireplaces. This building is an interesting combination of the traditional Irish tower-house architecture with pointed arches and the new Tudor architecture with Renaissance doorways and mullioned windows. I will have to go back and take photos of the inside of this castle.

A close up image of a red leaf at sunset outside Kanturk Castle, Co.Cork.

Kanturk Castle and brown autumn trees during a sunset in North Cork.

I took these photographs 5 years ago, before Nala was even born. Little did I know I would be coming back to this place for months to come, tiny Nala sitting beside me in the car. She still gets excited when I tell her we're going for a spin. By the time she turned a year old, she no longer fit on the seat next to me. I started putting her in the boot, but every time I came back to the car I would find her sitting on one of the front seats instead. 

Autumn sunset light shining through red leaves on branches outside Kanturk Castle.

Close up of Ash tree seeds hanging on branches with Kanturk Castle in the background.

I don't bring Nala for spins in the car anymore. I feel sad about it sometimes, but the thought of having to keep the car clean on a weekly basis makes me feel a bit better. It is hard enough staying on top of a clean house. With thee dogs now I spend a lot of my time  following them around the house with the hoover.

Looking up a canopy of brown and yellow autumn leaves on Oak tree branches outside Kanturk Castle.

Autumn sunset light shining on conifer trees outside Kanturk Castle in North Cork.

The more the merrier anyway, we have a van now and we all go for spins together. Three German Shepherds wouldn't fit into a car very well anyway. 
This castle is a quiet spot, it's never swamped by tourists, you might meet a local or two walking their dog. It's a beautiful place for a stroll.

A red leaf standing up in grass among other fallen autumn leaves in North Cork.

Yellowing conifer needles on branches outside Kanturk Castle in North Cork.

Autumn leaves on tree branches at sunset in North Cork.

I have taken many photos like the one below, where everything is out of focus. I really loved the effect then and constantly took blurry landscape photos. Now I look at them and wish I took a real photo instead, especially in this scenario. I was experimenting and learning my new camera though so I think I can forgive myself. 

A blurry image of a forest path covered in brown autumn leaves in North Cork.

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