September Pet Portraits

A portrait of a German Shepherd Nala at 9 months old.

As I was looking through the photos I've taken in September over the years, I came across a few photos of the animals. They're not arranged chronologically but I'll talk a little about them as I go. There is a big gap in my photos though, as I've hardly any from the last two years. Anyway, above we have Nala from 4 years ago when she was just 9 months old. Poppy is 5 months now and looking at Nala here, Poppy has a lot of growing to do yet.

A portrait of a German Shepherd Steve in tall, golden grasses.

This is Steve 5 years ago. He was 4 years old then, the age Nala is now. His snout was just starting to turn grey, exactly like Nala's is now. This was taken a couple of months before Nala was even born. Long before I knew she would come into our lives.

A cat standing on top of a hay bale on a mountain side.

This is Sassy. She was our cat 5 years ago and she had a brother called Blinky (you can see him here). Before Sassy left us, she became very good friends with Nala. Nala was very persistent trying to make friends with Sassy. They used to cuddle and sleep together. It was adorable and I've never experienced a cat and dog friendship. 

A profile of a 4 year old German Shepherd called Steve standing in tall, yellow grasses.

Again this is Steve 5 years ago and apart from his appearance, he has not changed much. He is still as loyal and reliable as ever. Steve and Nala have become great friends. I think they know they share a special bond when they see Poppy running past them. 

A German Shepherd standing in the middle of a misty and foggy tree lined forest path.

A black Labrador Judy lying on a mossy forest floor taking a rest from her walk.

And here we have poor old Judy 5 years ago. She was a mommy to Steve and then Nala and taught them well. She has seen many cats come and go. Judy has been gone for about 2 years now.

A 9 month old German Shepherd standing on gravel with a yellow slinky around her neck.

Nala 4 years ago, always leading with the fun and possibly everything is a game. She has changed so much recently. She gave birth to 8 puppies 5 months ago and dealt with the whole experience like a pro. Nala is a brilliant mommy, she has more patience for Poppy than Judy had for her. These days she loves lying on the armchair all day, who knew she would become such a great house dog.

A 1 year and 9 month old German Shepherd Nala standing on grass under a cherry tree.

This is Nala 3 years ago when she was almost 2 years old. She was still a crazy, unstoppable, free spirit then but she has become such a gentle pet. 

A portrait of a 5 year old German Shepherd Steve sitting on grass covered in fallen leaves.

Steve 3 years ago and you can see Nala and Judy in the background. Judy used to lounge around in her last years watching all the goings on. Steve and Nala used to play a lot before they had puppies. We could hear their heavy paws stomping and running around the house as they'd chase each other. It's Poppies turn to chase her mum around the garden while Steve observes.

A portrait of two German Shepherds Steve and Nala looking up at something off camera.

Steve and Nala having all the fun before they became parents. Poppy kind of spoils their idea of fun these days, but they are getting used to the new dynamic. 

A pair of German Shepherds standing on a grassy slope.

Nala has been trying really hard to make friends with our new cat. We call her Puss or Kitty and she's not exactly new. She's been with us over 2 years now and has settled in well. She's taking much longer to trust the dogs than Sassy did. We think Poppy is the key to this puzzle. Kitty is more tolerant of the puppy that she's known since she was little. Who knows, maybe they'll be close like Sassy and Nala some day.

A black and white cat standing in the middle of a county tree tunneled road on a sunny day.

Poppy is elusive and I struggle to get good, sharp photos of her. I have to sit in one spot for for ages and wait for her to settle. She's still a puppy though and even when her parents sit down, she's still trying to get them to play with her. Steve is starting to interact with her more and more. I think he's realised he can't get rid of her and puts up with her nonsense. They are a really cute family if I may say so myself!

Nala a German Shepherd facing the camera with her puppy Poppy facing away from the camera.

A German Shepherd 5 month old puppy Poppy sitting in the grass with her mom Nala.

A German Shepherd puppy smelling a plum tree branch and looking for fruit.

A German Shepherd Steve standing in the grass next to an apple tree in sunlight.

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