September Landscapes

A misty and foggy curving gravel path lined with conifers.

Blustery, sunny, foggy and misty all describe September so well. I enjoy fog and mist, I think they feel mystical. It's no coincidence the words are so close together. I think all the photographs in today's post (except the last photo) were taken at least two years ago. Last year I took hardly any photos in September and this year was quiet too. My photographic spurs come and go, sometimes weather depended as I don't particularly enjoy wind and rain. Hope you enjoy looking at these photographs as much as I did looking back at them.

Photo from behind trees at the edge of a forest looking out to an open path.

Looking out at the rain from inside the woods in North Cork.

Spider webs hidden in the shadow at the edge of a forest glowing in the light.

Misty and foggy tree tops in the Boggeragh Mountains, County Cork.

Windmill and mountain landscape before sunset.

Mountain side fields and grasses during golden hour.

Windmill and mountain landscape during golden hour in North Cork.

A forest covered mountain peak before sunset in North Cork.

Sunny mountain landscape of North Cork.

Sun shining on a hillside in the Boggeragh Mountains, Co.Cork.

Mountain side views on a sunny day in the Boggeragh Mountains, Co.Cork

Sunny hillside hidden between two trees in North Cork.

Green fields on a mountain side on a sunny day with clouds.

Landscape of a mountain valley in North Cork before sunset.

View of a valley in the Boggeragh Mountains in North Cork.

Sunlight in a valley in the Boggeragh Mountains in North Cork.

A black and white cat standing in the middle of a country road with tree tunnels in the sunlight.

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