Garden in September

A honey bee hanging upside down from a raspberry flower.

Back in cold and windy Ireland after a brief Portuguese interlude. The weather in September didn't improve after August and the autumnal feels have fully set in. It's time to pull out all the cozy jumpers and sweaters from the back of the wardrobe. Time to start eating apple pies for breakfast, getting cozy by the fire and prepare for the long and dark evenings to come. 

There's still plenty life and colour in the garden, but I think you can sense the change. I feel it was only yesterday I was cooling my feet in the river. Now I would probably freeze just by touching my toe of the water. We have had some crazy winds that helped the trees loose their leaves and in the blink of an eye, it's autumn. 

Tiny purple Aster flowers with yellow centres.

A close up of a bee sitting on top of a cornflower in a meadow.

Two butterflies on flowers of the Butterfly Bush.

Spider webs gathered water droplets in conifer branches in the forest.

A close up of blue flowers from a Lacecap Hydrangea shrub.

A close up of a bee hanging from a raspberry flower.
A red butterfly on a purple butterfly bush flower.

A flower garden pictured with the mountain side in the background.

Maple tree leaves beginning to change their colour and yellowing on the edges.

Light pink Mallows with yellow centers in the garden.

A close up of some wildflowers in a colourful garden.

Red fuchsia flowers hanging from the shrub.

A butterfly sitting on a purple flower.

A close up of some wildflowers in a meadow.

Spider webs on conifer branches in the woods.

Some purple wild flowers hanging over the edge of an embankment in the forest.

A bee sitting on a blue cornflower in a wildflower garden.

A butterfly sitting on a purple butterfly bush flower cone.

A close up of red Gladiolus flowers with water droplets on petals.

A butterfly sitting on a a purple wall flower in the sunlight.

A yellow Calendula flower on a stem hanging over the edge of a flower bed.

Sunlight shining through Nasturtium leaves.

Black Eyed Susan flowers against a mountain side back drop.

A honey bee pollinating a raspberry flower.

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