Poppy - the German Shepherd Puppy

A 3 month old German Shepherd puppy Poppy lying on white clover grass with a stick between her paws.

Eight German Shepherd puppies turned into a Poppy. In these photos Poppy is 3 months old and it's when her ears stood up. Having her parents around - Steve and Nala, means a lot less work for us humans. The only thing I have taught Poppy is how to give the paw, everything else she learnt from her parents. She fits into the family like a glove. 

3 month old German Shepherd puppy lying on the grass with her dad and the mum is sitting behind them.

A 3 month old German Shepherd puppy Poppy sniffing grass with her mom Nala.

Poppy doesn't realise how lucky she's got it. She has a lot of privileges, like being allowed on the couch. Especially if she has the couch all to herself. You can forget sharing it with her though, she will moan and complain until she has you pushed off. Poppy definitely likes her personal space, but she does not return the favour to her mom Nala. She still climbs all over her, even though she is roughly half her size.

A portrait of a 3 month old German Shepherd puppy called Poppy lying on grass.

A German Shepherd lying under a bush seeking some dappled shade from the sunshine.

Poppy's colouring is closer to Steve's, we hope she turns out even darker than him. She's a beautiful little soul and much gentler than Nala when she was a puppy. A lot of Poppy's mannerisms are Steve, but she definitely has a tiny crazy Nala streak running though her. 

A portrait of a German Shepherd Steve looking at something to the left of the camera.

German Shepherd parents with their puppy at the river under a bridge.

Poppy's first time at the river was a much calmer experience than Nala's first visit. I think before we went, Poppy already made friends with water, when she learned how to snorkel in a bowl of water. She's not exactly a swimmer yet, but she has had a good start.

A German Shepherd puppy sitting on grass with folded ears and a grass blade hanging out of her mouth.
A German Shepherd puppy holding one ear up and looking up at the camera.

Poppy has been trying to make friends with Puss, who is being more tolerant of dogs these days. Still though, it will be months before we see Puss cuddling with the dogs like Sassy used to. 

A 3 month old German Shepherd puppy with her ears up sitting on grass.

A German Shepherd puppy lying on the grass with her head down on her paw and the ears down.

Nala taught Poppy to be a brilliant fighter, but Poppy's still not as good as Nala. It is amazing to watch mom and daughter play fighting. It can sound kind of scary at times, but they are just adorable together. Steve is a bit more reserved when it comes to interacting, he likes to watch from the sidelines. 

A German Shepherd puppy lying in long grass sniffing grass seeds.

A German Shepherd sitting in long grass on a steep hill looking at the camera.

One of Poppy's recent developments was finally walking all the way up the stairs in the house. And like all newly learnt skills, they get totally over used. She follows us up the stairs every time. Sometimes she will wander up there on her own, to see if the cat is around or some of her tasty biscuits. 

A German Shepherd with a puppy looking for mum in long grass.

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