Nature in August

An old and grey tree stump in the Boggeragh Mountains in County Cork.

Another nature post in this month's photo series. In this installment I have selected photos I've captured in the Boggeragh Mountains in Cork and Kerry. 

A Mountain Ash with orange berries and a Maple tree behind it.

A pink fireweed plant groing in between rocks pictured from above.

A bee sitting on a milk thistle flower in a grassy field.

Blue and pink Hydrangea heads.

These Hydrangea bushes were the biggest I've ever seen. The colours varied from pink to blue and the flowers were half the size of my head. The bushes spread over a large area and towered over me. These amazing plants can be found at the Crag Cave in Castleisland, Co. Kerry. 

Berries on a Rowan tree pictured underneath the tree.

A single wildflower Orchid in a grassy field on a slope.

Purple heather growing with a fruiting blackberry bush.

Pink and blue Hydrangea bushes.

A pink heather plant.

The photo below, while it may seem insignificant, was taken outside yet another cave. This summer we went on two bike spins to explore caves. They were all different and spectacular in their own way. Doolin Cave in Co.Clare is located on the western edge of the Burren. This cave's most notable feature is the Great Stalactite. It is one of the world's longest free hanging stalactite at 7.3 meters. No photos of it here though, maybe another time.

Two pink roses among green leaves.

Rowan berries hanging from the tree.

Green leaves on tree branches in a forest.

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