Garden in August

A close up of a cosmos flower among orange and yellow poppy flowers.

August has been a dreary month and by the looks of things September isn't going any better. It is weird feeling wintry when it's still green outside. Not for long though, the leaves will soon change colour before they fall to the ground.

After looking through my photographs I found many I wanted to share. I'm going to spread out my nature photographs from August between two posts. In today's collection I've included photos of flowers and plants I've taken in my garden over the years. 

A close up of a dark purple Hollyhock flower with dew on petals.

An orange and black butterfly on a purple butterfly bush flower.

A close up of a Calendula flower in dappled sunlight.

Tiny white flowers on a mint plant.

A pink Gladiolus at sunset.

Yellow Calendula and blue Lobelia in dappled shade.

A close up of a white Gladiolus flowers with red centres.

A close up of plums among branches and leaves in a tree.

Different types and colours of flowers at sunset.

A close up of a dark purple Hollyhock flower on a stem.
Purple Aster flower heads after the rain.

A close up of an orange Snapdragon plant.

A close up of winter Teasel at sunset.

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