July Landscapes

Ancient Irish rocky river surrounded by greenery in Co.Cork.

I have been slacking off this month and didn't get my series of posts up. Hopefully I can catch up in the next few days. I've been busy with my summer projects, which are not complete yet. The weather has convinced me I need to finish them as soon as possible. The beautiful and hot summer seems to have disappeared in the blink of an eye. August has left me feeling autumnal. But we must circle back to hot, summery days of July when I used to cool down by walking in shallow river beds.

Big, fluffy clouds over a mountain in North Co.Cork.

A mountain view captured through a gap in the trees.

Same view, different day and perspective. I struggled to find landscape photos from July and once again I had to dig some out from the archives. They are from a time when I lived by the sea side, but I'm a mountain girl now. I like chopping sticks, lighting fires and the pine scent on the breeze.

A sunset over the Atlantic Ocean in Co.Cork.

Sunset from Youghal Bay, Co.Cork.

Seaweed growing on rocks on Garryvoe beach, Co.Cork.

In the last 5 years I've been to the beach only a handful of times, accompanied by wet and sandy four-legged friends. Poppy has yet to go to a beach, but she's been to the river a few times. She loves water, she blows bubbles into the dish of water as she's drinking it. Poppy loves fishing for stones too.

Light shining through the trees on a rocky river bed.

Sunset clouds over water in Ardmore, Co.Cork.

A boat in Ardmore Bay, Co.Cork at sunset.

An old and abandoned castle tower captured under a canopy of trees in Co.Cork.

Some of these photos are quite old and I don't remember where I took them. Makes me sound old, but I'm not. Relatively in my life span they are old to me. Anyway, I will have to get on to gathering some sunset photos for the next post. I have taken many sunset photos last month so there should be a lot to choose from. 
Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean from the south of Ireland.
A gravel path between old trees in Co.Cork.

The Youghal Clock Gate Tower in Co.Cork.

A close up of a mossy rock in a river in Co.Cork.

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