Garden in July

Marjoram flowers and pea tendrils.

I've gathered loads of plant photos I've taken over the years in my garden. The garden has been changing gradually from year to year as I add plants and create new areas to grow stuff. Above we have last year's Marjoram flowers being grabbed by pea tendrils.

An apple growing on a tree.

We've had some issues with our apple trees. They are not producing as much fruit as they should be. They grew lanky and I've chopped them since. They bear a few apples ever year but nothing like the cherry or plum trees that abundantly over produce fruit.

A bee sitting in the centre of a Coreopsis flower.

I try to plant new perennials every year. I must say I have been quite lazy on the gardening front this year having planted absolutely nothing. But I still get to enjoy plants that have taken hold and grow bigger and bigger every year. 

A bunch of blue Bachelor's Button flowers.

Cherries ripening on a tree branch.

The cherry tree has seen no pruning and grew very tall and lanky in the last few years. So, this year I decided it was time to chop it. Perhaps it was not the best idea to prune it so severely in one go, but hopefully it recovers well and grows back strong.

Tall, white daisy flower meadow.

Talk, dark purple Hollyhocks in the garden.

I planted these Hollyhocks a couple years ago and they hardly grew at all at first. Finally last year a section of the plant flowered revealing dark purple flowers. It ended up growing much taller than me. This year to my surprise the entire plant produced flower stalks and they all bloomed for weeks. I never thought they would take up 10 times more space. 

Apple hanging up in a tree.

Lavender bush in the garden.

I was thrilled with my lavender bush that was thriving for years and getting bigger with every year. But I never pruned it and I think this year I paid the price as almost all the branches died. The prime spot in the rockery looks bare now. I hope I haven't killed it, looking forward to seeing if it grows back next year.

A light pink rose in bloom with little shoots to follow.

A closeup of a Marjoram flower stalk.

A couple of apples growing on a branch.

A dwarf, dark orange sunflower head.

White pea flowers blossoming.

I miss growing vegetables. I think it's more rewarding than growing ornamental flowers. How wonderful is it to be able to eat stuff after it grows from the ground? Simply amazing. I cried after I harvested my first potatoes and carrots. We have to do some landscaping before I can do a proper vegetable garden set up. For now, I must finish all the house diy jobs and I have plenty of those on the go.

Dark purple Hollyhock flowers at sunset.

Light pink roses about to bloom.

Two very young pea pods.

Yellow English Marigolds from the ground up.

Two big purple hydrangea heads.

Bunches of red ripe strawberries.

I've created a small successful strawberry patch and I think they are ready to expand now. I'm going to have to hurry up with the house renovations and get around to organising the garden.

Pea shoots climbing on a trellis.

A pair of purple foxgloves in the ditch.

A close up of a dewy light pink rose with raindrops on petals.

New Black Eyed Susan flowers almost ready to bloom.

Red and white Carnation flower bunches.

A couple of purple sweet pea flowers.

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