June Sunsets

Red cirrostratus clouds at sunset over a mountain side in Co.Cork.

I mentioned in my last post I didn't have many photos from June. Summers are busy doing diy jobs that can't be done the rest of the year. The days are longer too so we have to make the most of it before the early winter nights are upon us again. As it turns out, I have more photos from June this year than I thought. Here are some stunning sunsets I took the time to enjoy.

Wispy pink sunset clouds on a blue sky.

Dark grey clouds hovering over a yellow sunset over a conifer forestry.

I go through phrases where I take too many photos to where I take none. But I guess that is just my personality, I do pretty much everything like that. I used to bake all the time, sometimes even twice a day. Now, it would be hard for me to remember the last time I used the oven to make cake. 

Red cirrostratus clouds at sunset over a mountain side.

A sunset cloud captured between a mixture of different trees.

I was always a believer of being able to capture something wonderful without better equipment. If you believe that you need a better camera to take better photos, you are wrong. While the more expensive camera might give you a better quality result, it cannot create your vision. You need to feel free of the limitations of your camera. Yes it is true that if you get better, you surpass your equipment. I felt that while using the iPad to take photos. I feel it while using my phone to take photos on a daily basis and also my camera recently. But I cannot let that control my creativity and pass up an opportunity to capture a moment because I don't have the right gear. 

Hazy cloudy sunset over a hillside in North Co.Cork.

Dark sunset clouds over a forestry on top of a mountainside.

Red Altocumulus clouds behind a tree at sunset in Co.Cork.

The struggle to keep the fire alive is real. The balance can be finicky and I'm always trying to find it. So far I've had a good year; some projects got finished and new ones got started, we had a littler of pups, had a good few spins and road trips, managed to keep the blog going all this time and I've also done yoga almost every day. It's been busy! Hopefully my streak of  luck continues for the rest of the year.

Wispy clouds on a blue sky between trees at sunset.

A dark cloud approaching on a sunset over a conifer forestry in the Boggeragh Mountains in North Cork.

I'd love to do some posts on my older analogue photos and maybe some nice shots I got with the iPad too. I always have more ideas but I'm trying to keep it narrowed down. So far that narrowing has helped me with these Garden, Landscape and Animal posts. It got easier once I committed to these particular subjects, they are the closest to my heart. Every now and again (because I don't do it often) I do an odd post on Travel. Over time I hope to add many more and keep expanding.

Dark clouds hovering over a sunset on a mountain side in the Boggeragh Mountains in Co.Cork.

An Ash tree towering over a conifer forest at sunset.

A curve of red Altocumulus clouds on a blue sky.

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