June Landscapes

Youghal Bay captured from a plane.

The summer months are usually busy with different types of diy jobs. I struggled to come up with a dozen photos of landscapes I captured since I moved here. I had to dig deeper into photos so old, they're from another lifetime. Some of these were taken with an old compact camera I don't have anymore. 
The above aerial shot I took from a plane headed to a corporate life in the big city almost 10 years ago. Pictured is Youghal Bay, a walled seaport town in East Cork.

St. John The Baptist Catholic Church in Killeagh Co.Cork.

I took these two photos in East Cork over 10 years ago with my compact camera. I have always had a passion for photography but never spent big money on equipment. When I was a kid, I used the family camera to take photos of anything I found interesting. The compact was the first camera I bough for myself when I was 18 years old. Soon after I fell in love with analogue photography. I acquired some analogue cameras and bought tons of rolls of film.

Youghal Bay in East Cork.

After a few years I realised I could have bought a new camera with all the money I spent on film and development. I decided to stop shooting film and save some money for a new digital camera. This is the camera that I still use, but I'm starting to see its limitations now. The photo below was one of the first ones I took with it. 

Boggeragh Mountain early morning landscape.

Trail at the base of Mount Hilary in the Boggeragh Mountains in North Cork.

The weather in Ireland in June was record breaking by all accounts. Zero rain and a persistent heat wave for weeks on end. I'd say the whole country felt like they were on exotic holidays. Like any good house wife I put my washing machine to the test. Everything in the house got washed. Yesterday it finally rained and I got caught out with 3 loads of perfectly dried sheets that I forgot about. Anyway, not sure why anyone would be interested in my cleaning habits, but there ya go, that's my life. 

Mount Hilary in the Boggeragh Mountains at dusk.

Fields and forestry in the Boggeragh Mountains at dusk.

I have also started to renovate the remaining cottage windows. Two years ago we started this project and that summer, we refurbished 6 windows in the house. Last year we went on holiday and so it was put on hold. As of now, there are 4 windows out and they will take another month or two to finish. Most of the hard work has been done now. The rotten wood has been removed, the rest of the window frames are stripped and sanded. Bits of the frames have to be repaired where they were rotten. But mostly the windows are ready for painting. 

Jasmine flowers in a mountain landscape at sunset in North County Cork.

Sun shining on mature maple trees with dark clouds in the sky.

This place is always a work in progress. One project can set fire to more projects, or in fact, halt everything in its tracks. Sometimes a projects begins and never gets finished or is simply delayed. Working on an old cottage is a true labour of love. 

Dark clouds at sunset over a sun lit field between mature trees.

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