Garden in June

Jasmine bush flowers in pink tones during a sunset.

The first half of June was rainy and colder. But the second half brought with it the hottest weather Ireland has seen since 1976. Only a couple months ago we were under feet of snow
I haven't spent much time doing gardening this year. A lot of the plants I've planted in previous years have started to take over. The Jasmine bush is spilling over, the branches bend with the weight of all the flowers. It quickly swallowed up the Foxgloves I planted in front of it.

Clusters of little white flowers on a bush in the sun light.

I have a bunch of big pots with well established flowering bushes. They are waiting for the day they are planted into the ground so they can continue growing. We have a lot of landscaping work to be done before that happens though.

A light pink rose surrounded by green leaves and covered in water droplets.

I finally got around to tying up the rose bushes along our new fence. It was some job working with these thorny branches. They get me every time I go near them. I've noticed they look healthier and more presentable so it was worth it.

Bee collecting pollen from a single chive flower in the garden.

The Marjoram plant has taken over since last year, it even killed poor Thyme growing next to it. I spotted a single stalk with a chive flower growing in the middle of the Marjoram bush. The bees love chive flowers and I like chives in spring and summer sandwiches.

A big bush covered in red roses blooming.

As beautiful as this rose bush is, those roses have absolutely zero scent. There are 4 other types of roses in my garden though and they smell incredible. Arguably not as amazing as the Jasmine flowers when they're in bloom. Their sweet scent carried on the summer breeze is divine.

Jasmine flowers at sunset captured through grass blades.

Bee hovering at a blooming purple lupine flower.

Light pink open roses surrounded by green leaves in sunlight.

Purple lupine flowers captured at plant level.

Below you can kind of see a before and after from one of our projects from last year. We covered this beautiful patina wall with a scalloped timber fence painted white. While the wall had a particular charm about it, it was hard to keep clean between all those plants. Now we have a clean looking glossy fence that I can tie plants to. After a year of being up, I have to say the paintwork is looking great. The fence is made in panels that can be taken down for future painting.

Old patina wall with a red rose bush.

Red and White rose bush with a white scalloped fence in the garden.

Light pink lupine flowers with a rose bush behind them.

Pink foxgloves at sunset in front of a Jasmine bush.

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