Animals Through The Years

German Shepherd Steve turning his head to look at something to the left of the camera.

I have been reminiscing about the animals over the years. All bar one of the pups from the litter have moved on to their new homes and it made me feel nostalgic. We kept one of Steve and Nala's daughters and called her Poppy (you can see her at the end of this post).
The gang began with Judy the Labrador and Steve the German Shepherd. There was also a cat called Puss and then another cat called Marmie and they both died.

Judy a black Labrador looking straight at the camera.

Judy was already an older lady when I met her. She was an adopted mommy for Steve and later Nala. Judy was a free spirit and enjoyed life to the fullest.

Steve the German Shepherd turning his head as I call him to look at me.

In the photo above, Steve was the age Nala is now. He is a magnificent creature and we are very happy with preserving his bloodline. 

Sassy a white and brindle cat in a tree looking down with her yellow eyes.

After two dead cats in the space of a couple of weeks we took in an adoptive pair - a brother and sister Blinky and Sassy. Blinky is not pictured here but you can find some photos of him in this post. Unfortunately poor Blinky didn't make the rest of the year. His poor and compromised health got the better of his fearless spirit. 

Judy a black Labrador and Nala a German Shepherd puppy playing together in the sun.

Nala bust into our lives like a fire cracker. She let Judy be her new mommy and eventually made best friends with Sassy. Steve finally got a fast and feisty play mate. Judy was too old to run around with these young and energetic shepherds. 

A black and white cat with green eyes sitting on the wall.

One day a little kitten followed me around a car park near home and I decided to bring her with me (after finding out she was a stray in the area). Sassy wasn't too impressed with my attempt at being nice to another cat. They did not get on and the kitten made her way back to her stray family.

A German Shepherd pup Nala sitting with her head high and ears back.

A white and brindle cat sitting on a wall and looking down.

Things didn't stay the same for too long. Over two years ago I found Sassy dead out on the road when I was heading to work. A couple months after that Judy got sick very fast and she had to move on too. 

A giddy German Shepherd pup running on the beach and water.

Luckily destiny had a new kitty cat in store for us. And we met her in a car park in the city. We call her Kitty Puss and she's been with us over 2 years now. She's been trying very hard to fit into her new family. So far, she's been the best cat we've ever had. Nala still persistently tries to make close friends with her. 

A black and white cat walking on a flower garden fence with a shed in the background.

The last couple of months have absolutely flown in a puppy haze. Nala and Steve had puppies in April and it was a special experience. I have documented some of that journey in these posts: new born, month old and 6 weeks. Somehow I didn't get around to doing consistent updates on them but I'll get another puppy post up soon. I still have plenty photos to share.

A pair of German Shepherds sitting on a mountain side at sunset.

And so this is Steve and Nala's daughter Poppy. She is one lucky puppy to have both parents around all day every day. I hardly have to lift a finger to look after her. Poppy turned 3 months yesterday and she has her surroundings sussed. It is so cute to watch Nala with her only baby left, playing and teaching her and also giving up her food. She has been a spectacular mommy. Looking forward to watching this little Shepherd family over the next few years. 

11 week old German Shepherd puppy sitting in the grass.

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