9 week old German Shepherd litter mates' last goodbyes

Two month old German Shepherd puppy chewing a blade of grass.

The time with pups flew incredibly fast. They went from mad, screaming creatures to little playful doggies. It was a pleasure to watch the litter be born. To see them grow and develop personalities. And also to see their parents change around the puppies. We have said the word puppies so many times, we decided the puppy we keep will be called Poppy. Poppy's litter name was Houdini, she escaped every enclosure we made for the pups. Now she has learnt to hang around the place with her parents.

A two month German Shepherd puppy sitting in the grass with one ear up

A German Shepherd puppy lying in the grass and sniffing grass blades.

Two month old German Shepherd puppy with ears up and nose buried in the grass.

We are very glad we decided to keep one of the pups. Otherwise we'd be missing the fun, the teaching and learning. It would have been weird to have things go back to the way they were. Especially after the whole experience of birth. I am so happy with this change to our dynamic. It means less freedom for us, less bike spins together but it means more love and an equal amount of fun. Having an actual family of Shepherds, daddy, mommy and baby, is another level of cuteness altogether.

A two month old German Shepherd puppy face with ears down.

German Shepherd dad looking over one of his pups sniffing the grass.

A German Shepherd puppy hanging over a grassy embankment with her ears forward and down.

Having other dogs around always helps with raising a puppy. They learn so quickly from them. But German Shepherds love to learn in general. If you spend the time with them, they will learn equally as fast. Last night I finally, decided to teach Poppy to give the paw. Maybe a bit late seeing as she is 3 and a half months already. But she learned how to do it and a new word "paw" in less than 5 minutes. I didn't even use any special treats. When she sees food, she sits automatically and I didn't teach her to do that. 

A portrait of a two month old German Shepherd puppy sitting in the grass looking directly at the camera.

Two German Shepherd litter mates having an adventure in the grass.

Three German Shepherd sisters sitting on a grassy embankment looking over the edge.

We have heard from some of the people who got our pups and they are all well settled into their new homes. They were all so lucky and went to dog families. It makes me so happy to see them loving their lives. They probably don't remember their litter days anymore. Poppy is completely unfazed by the shed where she was born and all the other places where she spent time with her sisters. She absolutely loves her mommy Nala, follows here everywhere and copies everything she does. Poppy looks more like Steve though and I can't wait to see what her fully grown coat is going to look like.

Two month old German Shepherd sister having a laugh in the grass.

Two month old German Shepherd puppy sitting with one ear up looking alert.

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