Porto Food Market

Crate of tomatoes and herbs with a Toyota Hiace at a food maket in Porto, Portugal.

This is my second post on Portugal, the first one was The Atlantic Coast. The food in Portugal was delicious. It is not just food, it's a whole dining experience. Food tastes better outside but the weather in Ireland doesn't always grant us this privilege. Tomatoes grown in Portugal are gigantic, sweet and juicy. For the first time, classifying them as fruit made perfect sense. 

Purple and green seedlings at a garden stall in Porto, Portugal.

Crates of oranges on display and two older women sitting in the background at a food market in Porto, Portugal.

The oranges in Portugal tasted so much sweeter and juicier. An added bonus was actually seeing them grow on trees. Real trees, not the miniature versions you'd find in your local supermarket. 

Half a giant yellow pumpkin on display with onions in bags and boxes at a market in Porto, Portugal.

This pumpkin was definitely the biggest one I've ever seen and it was cut in half. You can see it's placed next to a hefty looking bag of onions.

Flowers in a white rusty bucket displayed in sunlight at a market in Porto, Portugal.

Purple and green figs displayed in crates in sunlight at a market in Porto, Portugal.

It was my first time eating fresh figs and they are so delicious. I'd love to try and grow a fig tree in a greenhouse, someday when we build it. 

Crates and boxes of fruit at a market stall in Porto, Portugal.

During my stay in Portugal we canoed on The T├ómega river. I got to pick fresh grapes hanging from the vines that lined the river banks. They tasted completely different to the ones available in Ireland.

Handmade cloths hanging between trees at a market in Porto, Portugal.

Hand woven willow baskets displayed at a market in Porto, Portugal surrounded by autumn leaves.

I still have many more photos from Portugal that I will be posting over the coming months. I will spread them out over a couple different posts. Before that, you will have to endure a new puppy post and my monthly garden and landscape photos from May.

Happy June Bank Holiday!

Bulbs of garlic and beans at a market in Porto, Portugal.

Quinoa and other grains in bags at a market in Porto, Portugal.

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