May in Landscapes

Moon rising over a sunset forest on a mountain top.

May was a stunning month with little rain and hot summery spells. We had so many sunny days, I have already started getting a tan. It is nice to think of those warm days on a cold, windy and rainy June afternoon.
By the end of the month all the trees have grown their full canopies. Everything is lush. The trees surrounding our garden make the place feel cozy, versus open and bare in the winter. 

New Maple tree leaves appearing on branches.

View of Kenmare Bay from Moll's Gap obstructed by a tree lined hedge.

I took this last year on a motorbike spin over Moll's Gap. So much easier to stop on the side of these tiny roads with a bike rather than a car. 

Looking to Courtmacsherry from Kilbrittain Co.Cork on a gloomy, grey day.

This photo is from Kilbrittain in Co.Cork, I took it on one of this year's motorbike spins. It wasn't exactly a picturesque kind of day. But when you have a litter of pups, you go when you can, rain or sunshine.

Sun shining behind dark clouds and emanating rays.

View of the Kinsale Bay from Charles Fort on a grey and gloomy afternoon.

View of Kinsale Bay from Charles fort in Co.Cork captured on the same gloomy day as the one above from Kilbrittain. This was my first spin on the back of the bike after getting my own and doing my licence. It was great fun to reminisce about our European trip last year.

New leaves appearing on maple trees glistening in the sunshine.

Golden leaves make me think of autumn, but I took this photo mid-May. The maple trees have revealed their new leaves only to lose them again in a couple months' time.

Green rolling hills at sunset casting shadows on the mountainside field.

During the summer as the sun sets north of West it casts shadows on the mountainside. These shadows reveal a beautiful ripple in the valley from a meteorite impact.

An abandoned castle with Rhododendrons on Moll's Gap in Co.Kerry.

This abandoned castle on top of a rock surrounded with rhododendrons is located on Moll's Gap.
And below is the view of Kenmare Bay right across from this abandoned castle. It is no wonder they had decided to build it there.  I am sure the views from there would be spectacular.

Roadside view through a gap in the trees of Kenmare Bay from Moll's Gap.

Maple tree leaves glistening in the sun as it sets over the mountain in Co.Cork.

Green fields on a mountainside pictured with a blue sky and two while fluffy clouds.

Sun rays coming out of dark clouds at sunset over a mountain top in Co.Cork.

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