Magnificent May Sunsets

Purple and pink cloud sunset over a mountain in North Cork, Ireland.

I took these sunset photographs around my home in the Boggeragh Mountains in North County Cork. This beautiful landscape was shaped by the glacial erosion in the last glacial period. To put things in perspective, the last glacial period occurred c. 115,000 – c. 11,700 years ago. These mountains are a long line of hills running from County Kerry.

Gentle sunset clouds with silhouettes of tree branches in the foreground.

Two clouds blue and red at sunset over a hill with silhouette branches.

Tops of conifer trees on top of a mountain lit up by the setting sun on the other side of the valley in Co.Cork, Ireland.

White swirly clouds on a blue sky over a mountainous landscape in North Cork, Ireland.

Dark and fiery looking clouds at sunset over a hill in the Boggeragh Mountains, Co.Cork.

Gentle and pastel cloudless sunset over a mountain in North Co.Cork, Ireland.

Dark purple and pink clouds with forestry and other tree branches at sunset.

Can you see the slight fuzz to the photo above? That is a gigantic swarm of midges. Midges are very popular here. We have a river running alongside the bottom of the garden and are surrounded by trees and hedges. I would not say that I'm very fond of them. Every day for the last two months, my body gets covered in new vicious bites. Midges are a big bummer in the summer. 

Dig dark cloud over a mountain hidden behind bare tree branches.

Pink and purple sunset clouds over a hillside in the Boggeragh Mountains in North Co.Cork, Ireland.

Sun rays emanating from a cloud at sunset over a mountainside.

Purple and pink sunset clouds in the Boggeragh Mountains in Co.Cork, Ireland.

Wispy clouds and sun rays emanating over the top of a mountain side in North Cork, Ireland.

The midges can be forgotten about for a minute to appreciate gorgeous skies as the sun sets over the hillside. In the winter when the sun sets over the valley, I need to venture out for some sunset clouds. In the summer the sun sets over the mountain I look at ever day from my home. I can be lazy and enjoy the comforts of my garden instead of climbing a hill to capture some of these incredible sights. 

Fiery and dark sunset clouds over a mountain side in North Cork, Ireland.

Wispy sunset clouds over a valley in the Boggeragh Mountains with coniferous forestry and windmills.

Gentle pink cloud on a light blue sky at sunset with big mature trees in the foreground.

Big and fluffy pink and purple clouds at sunset over a forestry on a mountain top in Co.Cork, Ireland.

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