Garden in May

Light yellow, white butterflies collecting nectar from bluebell flowers.

The garden in May becomes a colourful and busy place.  More insects appear as more flowers bloom. Bluebells are one of the first plants that flower and they attract butterflies. 
The fruit bushes are also in flower and along with the fruit trees they attract a ton of bees of different kinds.

Sun shining through a blackcurrant bush in the garden.

White, pink and blue lupin flowers.

At the end of the month the first Lupins appear. I am very impressed with how these plants perform in my garden. They produce big bushes abundant in flowers. In fact, they are after getting so big, I will have to divide them this winter and stake them in the spring. This should prevent them from collapsing in heavy rain.

A close up of a light yellow butterfly with black stripes sitting on a bluebell flower.

Clumps of cherry tree blossoms in the sunlight.

Landscape photograph of purple lupin flowers with a mountainside in the background.

Cherry tree flowers on the tips of branches.

This place is so big, it is overwhelming for a first time gardener like myself. There are many areas in the garden that grow completely wild and untamed. Yet, these places are beautiful in their own regard. They are home to different plants, full of nooks and crannies that attract wildlife. Such places create wonderful natural habitats.

A pink clover flower just began opening its flowers.

A close up of the dandelion centre.

A close up of a full head of dandelion seeds.

A little blue flower on the tip of a stem hanging down.

As per actual gardening, I haven't done anything this year as I've been busy with other projects. Previous years' work is beginning to show, so that's still progress. The puppies are at a digging stage so any new plants will get trampled and demolished.

A close up of little pink flowers with yellow centers.

Clumps of bluebells flowering on an embankment in the grass.

Pink apple tree flowers on a branch.

Purple wallflowers and pink Azaleas with a light green bush in the background.

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