6 week update - German Shepherd Pups

A German Shepherd puppy looking up at the camera with one ear up.

I have been slacking for the last few days and got almost nothing productive done. At least the house is somewhat clean and the dogs and humans got fed.

Today the puppies turn 9 weeks old and we have 4 left in the litter. They are definitely easier to manage, it takes half the time to count them. 

A German Shepherd puppy with his mouth open and his paw in the air lying on the grass.

A German Shepherd puppy looking at the camera while her siblings play around her.

Once the pups turned 6 weeks, they wanted out of their cozy shed. They haven't gone back there in about 2 weeks now. We built a shelter outside for them in a fenced off grassy spot. One of the puppies gets called Houdini, as she escapes every enclosure we build.  

A German Shepherd 6 week old puppy peeking over long grass.

A German Shepherd mom inspecting her puppy on the grass.

This post is the first one featuring a majority of photos I took with my phone. But the puppies are so cute, I hope the quality of the photos isn't noticeable. I have taken hardly any photos of the pups with my camera anyhow. 

6 week old German Shepherd puppy ears, one up and one down.

A German Shepherd dad playing with two puppies at sunset.

It is adorable to watch the puppies play with Steve and Nala. They are so gentle with them. And the pups kill each other with their sharp little teeth. All the tennis balls I bought for them got shredded in a matter of days. We are still finding bits of coloured fluff around the garden. Nala also kept stealing the toys from their pen which I thought was very cute. 

A German Shepherd puppy sits in the grass looking up at the camera.

German Shepherd 2 month old puppy laughing at the camera.

The puppies are getting funnier and cuter with every week. They are becoming more engaging and they love to wander around the garden exploring. If a puppy finds something interesting the others have to know about it. The puppy gets mobbed, pushed out of the way while the rest investigates. 

A German Shepherd puppy sitting in the grass looking up at the camera.

I have to catch up on my monthly-themed posts from May. So I leave you with a cute (word that got completely overused in this post) puppy animation.

Animation of a German Shepherd puppy waving her paw.

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