March in Landscapes

Rolling green hills of Ireland with colourful clouds at sunset.

I am a little behind myself with these monthly posts I want to start doing. My last post was Garden in March and I should be moving on to April already. It is May after all! But I have lots of photos from March to share yet and I hope I can catch up at some point. I have been busy with our fast growing German Shepherd litter. I have yet to put together a post on the cute furry creatures. So for today, I leave you with a mix of landscapes I took in different parts of the Boggeragh Mountains where I live. I have lots of sunset photos from March that I'd like to share in the next few days. Enjoy the photographs, as much as I enjoyed taking them!

View of Mount Hilary in north Cork in the Boggeragh Mountains.

View from the top of the Boggaragh Mountains in North Cork.

Forestry sunset in the Boggeragh Mountains in North Cork.

View of mountains at sunset through a gap between pine trees.

Mountain side in the Boggeragh Mountains before the onset of spring.

Silhouettes of conifer tree tops at sunset.

View from the top of the Boggaragh Mountains looking at wind turbines at sun down.

Dramatic sunset clouds and windmills in the Boggeragh Windmill Farm in North Cork.

Dramatic skies at the top of the Boggeragh Windmill Farm.

View of a snow covered mountain side between tall pine trees.

View of snow capped Mount Hilary in North Cork during Storm Emma.

Snow mountain side landscape with a view of Mount Hilary in North County Cork.

View of a mountain side at sunset with clouds and tree branches.

Mountain landscape at sunset with dramatic clouds.

Dramatic and big clouds rolling over the mountainside at sunset.

Branches of a maple tree in a dramatic cloud landscape.

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