Garden in April

Cherry blossom flower clump on a tree.

The time flies when you're having fun with a litter of puppies. Before May is over, I'd like to post some monthly photo series from April. Last month I shared photos from the garden so here are more spring nature photographs. All these are quite a mix. I took them over the years since I moved to this mountain paradise.
The garden in April starts becoming a happier place. More flowers are starting to bloom, the grass is starting to grow and the birds are looking for places to nest.

Light yellow and white daffodils pictured in sunlight.

Grass at a river bank with shimmering bokeh river reflections.

A cherry tree blossoming with sweet scented flowers.

Water droplets sitting on the tips of a strawberry leaf.

The cherry tree produces flowers every year without fail. It is much older and more established than any other fruit tree. This year I took the saw to it . It was after getting very tall, lanky looking and most of the fruit was unreachable. This tree is the center of attention to all the birds living in the garden. Mostly magpies making a whole load of racket and bullying the smaller birds.

A clump# of daffodils pictured under a hedge.

A close up of daffodil buds covered in water droplets.

A bunch of yellow daffodils growing in the ground.

Pink blossoms of a hazelnut tree.

Water droplets on a light green leaf.

Days are getting longer and warmer. Spring evenings are scented with a sweet smell of cherry blossoms. The tree canopies have yet to fill out, especially the big trees that I think could be a century old! It's no wonder it takes them longer to grow their leaves back. 

Cherry tree blossoms on branches.

Branches of a maple tree budding with a hillside in the background.

Daisies in between rocks and grass.

Dark blue muscari - Grape Hyacinths flowering in the grass.

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