April in Landscapes

Sun shining with rays coming through clouds over a valley in Co.Cork, Ireland.

Last week of May so I'm trying to get my April photographs organised. Today I've selected some landscapes I've captured around my home over the years. The same scenery as always, but it always takes my breath away. For the next post I'll gather some sunset photographs.

April this year was all about the puppies, I'm surprised I've managed to get any photos other than of them. There are gaps in my photos like that sometimes. Last year, April was pretty busy with kitchen renovations and they are the only photos I took that month.

Sun hiding behind clouds over a valley in Boggeragh Mountains in North Cork.

Pink clouds over fields and mountains at sunset in Co.Cork, Ireland.

Clouds over conifer trees in the mountains in North Cork.

Clouds casting shadows on a hillside and mountain top in North Cork.

A big cloud hanging over a mountain in North Cork.

A view of two windmills on top of a hillside through conifer trees in Boggeragh Mountains, North Cork.

Fog covered conifer forest on top of a mountain with the sun shining on the hillside.

View of a mountainside from a gap in conifer trees in Co.Cork, Ireland.

Sun setting on distant mountain tops through a tree hedge.

Pink sunset clouds over a mountain landscape in North Cork.

Sun shining on a tree surrounded by dense fog on a hillside in the Boggeragh Mountains, Co.Cork, Ireland.

Sun setting on mountain top forests from a field in North Cork.

Sun shining through the clouds with rays over a hillside in Co.Cork, Ireland.

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