April Cloudscapes

Fog rising from the mountainside during a light pink cloud sunset.

Last day of May, summer is around the corner. We are having fantastic, hot and sunny weather the past week. The puppies are outside all day playing, eating, sleeping. It's a dog's life. I will have to round up puppy photos and do a 6 week update, since they are almost 2 months now.

I am thrilled with getting another month's photo series done. Each month now, I will do two posts on landscapes, one on both natureanimals and travel. I haven't done a travel post in a while, it might be an idea to do one next. 
For now, my regular Irish landscapes will have to suffice. I captured all these photographs around my home in the Boggeragh Mountains. Most of them were taken this year. 

Clouds at sunset over a hillside in the Boggeragh Mountains, Co.Cork.

Sunset clouds over forestry on a mountain in North Cork, Ireland.

Mount Hilary in the Boggeragh Mountains, North Cork at sunset.

A pink ribbon of light in dark clouds after sunset over a forest on a hillside.

Dark sunset clouds over a forest in the Boggeragh Mountains in North Cork.

Speck of a crescent moon in a late evening sky over a mountain.

Deciduous tree branches with big light pink sunset clouds in the mountains.

Sun rays coming up over a mountain surrounded by dark clouds in Co.Cork, Ireland.

Conifer trees on a mountain at sunset with some fluffy clouds in Co.Cork, Ireland.

Pink ribbon in a cloud after a sundown over a mountain side in Co.Cork, Ireland.

Dramatic sunset clouds over a forest in the Boggeragh Mountains, Co.Cork, Ireland.

Windmill and forest landscape at sunset in the mountains of North Cork, Ireland.

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